I receive so many press releases that filtering through them all is a major task – but I do try to at least look at them all, even if it’s impossible to acknowledge their arrival and, occasionally, amongst the vacuum cleaner fragrances and men’s tie holders something springs out at me and I go OOOHHHH.

Which is what happened when I saw the release from new English label Tallulah & Hope. I absolutely adore what they are doing. Sure it’s not going to change the face of fashion,  but that’s fine because we have the likes of Gareth Pugh & Central St Martins to do that for us. What Tallulah & Hope do is make the kind of simple, chic, multi-tasking pieces that will be a corner stone of your wardrobe.

Inspired by, “the faultless style of 1930‘s socialite Gloria Guinness and our perennial desire to channel the laid-back bohemian cool of the 1970’s”, the collection is based around the  idea of the super-luxe kaftan, with a few pareos, scarves and ponchos thrown in.

What I like about this label is that everything has been carefully thought out. The price point is high, but that’s not because they are sourcing the fabrics in China and then marking them up by 1000%. The kaftans are 100% Italian silk,  the cotton pareos are screen-printed by hand in Italy with hand-rolled edges. The plain kaftans have been dyed to a very specific colour –  a marine black (Because the designers think a very, very dark green  is more alluring and flattering than hard black) and a teal that works with pretty much most colouring.

Tallulah & Hope’s signature prints  are the gorgeous Starlings (above in navy)  and Sandgrouse both inspired by the British coast and countryside. They sit alongside a classic Liberty print Umbel, available in three colourwa,ys and Africa , which was screen-printed in Italy.

There is a  bias cut silk slip that  can be worn under any all of the kaftans to take turn them into dresses, and they all come with either a belt in the same fabric or a ‘scrunchie’ (so you can cinch your kaftan to create a new silhouette).

Hero Umbell blue Grey_Shop Classic Short Starling Beige Black_Shop
Classic Long Starling Navy Pink_Shop Chiton Teal_Shop

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They look amazing! Want want want.


I hope you’ll forgive the impertinence, but I have tagged you for a meme. It came to me via The Harridan, who was tagged by Belgian Waffling. If you’ll do it, I’d be honoured


Thank you for this review! I loved learning about the thought they put into planning their designs. Dual functionality (dress or tunic) is always a huge selling point for me.


i oooohed just looking at this, too. i also love well-thought-out pieces…very beautiful clothes are usually no accident.


They look divine. I signed up for the newsletter. Want to save my pennies and buy the orange poncho!


@beautywoome I’m getting the long Starlings kaftan!
@coco aren’t they just?!


Nice find. You’re right, they won’t change fashion but these are lovely pieces.


No. No, no, no. Mumu’s and giant straw hats are NOT cool. In fact, giant straw hats should be confined to the back yard, on Mum, while she does the gardening. Brits always seem to go into billowing-floral-and-straw-hat mode when they think summer, but you need to look at Australian labels like Zimmerman to get a proper idea of cool clothes for hot weather. Sorry, but to me these look like they escaped from the plus-size section of K-mart in some outback town.


I love these floaty kaftans – perfect for summer me thinks. Yes please 🙂

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