The road that runs past my parent’s house hits a gentle ford, which runs under this footbridge, and then turns into a track that cuts cross-country, ending up at one of Dr Beeching’s disused railway cuttings and a tarmac road. Many years ago this would have been as valid a road as any of the ones we hurtle down in our cars. Now it is just an old cart track, used only by the village dog owners, the local farmer in his tractor and the occasional kamikaze Motocross rider.



It’s beautiful in all seasons, in the depths of winter when the track is clogged with mud and Posetta Baddog sinks up to her withers and now, in the height of the English summer,  when the hedgerows are heavy with fringed grasses and wild flowers.




Queen Anne's Lace

This is the view across the fields to Canons Ashby, a ravishing Jacobean National Trust property.


And then, homeward bound…


This post is dedicated to my darling Miss Whistle who, whilst an Angeleno for many years, remains at heart in the English countryside.

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This makes me miss home even more. Nothing better than a nice walk in the country, now i’m excited for returning home soon. lovely post.


So lovely! Now you have me hoping I can squeeze in some English countryside time this summer!


Thankfully I am here in England as this post would have made me awfully homesick! Lovely country roads…and rivers…just so pretty. Lou x


These beautiful pictures really make me yearn to be back home. Sometimes we forget how beautiful our own country is!


Just gorgeous! The countryside around Cambridge is just as beautiful this time of year. Now, if only the sun would shine!!

Are you feeling much better darling?

Miss B xx


This makes me feel like going for a walk. I will lie down till that feeling goes away.


So lovely! What I wouldn’t give to trade a day of walking around Manhattan for a day of this!


Lovely .. I love your well behaved dogs too.. I hope you are feeling stronger xx


Amazing picture I live about 20mins from views like that, so I appricate how beautiful they are all year round. (added by Mobile using Mippin)


If only I didn’t suffer form hay fever I’d be walking the dogs over the fields just at this moment. It’s sunny and warm here and from the window in my office I can see the meadow’s full of blood-red poppies. I shall miss this.

Helena xx

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