BowWow Moschino Kartell

Kartell’s last collaboration with Moschino was a fabulous Mademoiselle chair, designed by Philippe Starck, & upholstered in original Moschino fabric back in 2007. Three years later,  they have announced their next joint venture: a collection of plastic footwear for Spring/Summer 2011.

Launched at Pitti W this week, the witty & pretty BowWow ballet flat shoes follow in the footsteps of Brazil’s Melissa shoes. Entirely made from 100% recyclable, interwoven plastic technopolymer, they have a trademark Moschino bow perched on the toe.

The Moschino & Kartell collection will be on sale from January 2011 in leading multibrand boutiques, single-brand Moschino stores and Kartell stores throughout the world for a not inconsiderable 85 euros.


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these are really cute but whenever i see melissa shoes i just think sweaty feet encased in plastic and shudder. can anyone tell me if you need to suffer in melissa-induced sweat?


wow these are beautiful I could see myself wearing the cream or black colored pair and quite a good price too. Do you know if it is possible to order them online at all?


I am just not sold on these. 85 euros for a pair of plastic sandals is, as the Mighty Boosh would say, an OUTRAGE. They’re plastic, not made of endangered vole skin for goodness sake.

Can you tell I am not a dyed in the wool fashionista? Can you? Can you?


melissa does it better, really!
not sure about those moschino’s one, but the melissa shoes can last for a long long time, and they look so amazing… i always get compliments when i wear melissa.


Need a 3d model of kartell & tom dixon furnitures ??
I bet you’ll love this :

all 3d catalog kartell-tom dixon for a cheap prices are there, available in 3d max, c4d, obj, & 3ds …even the mademoiselle chair is there too!!

go check it out!!


sonya– I have 6 pairs of Melissa shoes and wear them nearly every day. I can honestly say I have never found a more comfortable or long-lasting flat. The plastic isn’t sweat-inducing, they’re super easy to clean, and you can wear them in rain or shine. And no, I’m not at all affiliated with the brand (I wish!). Just FYI… 🙂

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