Finchley Hermes

“Dear LLG

I hope that the attached pic will bring warmth to your heart and will make you feel proud of what l’Enfant learnt in his early age while you were sharing the everyday life at the ranch with us.

Wish you to get better soon and to get back to rock’n rolling the world of fashion!

Lots of love,

The Jersey boyz”

To be honest, I am not surprised that Finch gravitates to the finer things in life…I caught him trying to chew a Ralph cashmere throw when he was just months old. Of course, with one French papa, it was natural he would transition to Hermes. But I’ll put good money on the boys finding him asleep on a Loro Piana baby cashmere sweater any day soon.

More of my life in New Jersey last year here & a series of photos here

(In case you can’t read it, the logo is Hermes.)

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Such a chic chien – hope your convalesence is speedy!


Too adorable! I think Hermes is a very reasonable price to pay for unconditional love!


He’s going to be hounding them for steak any minute now!

(try not to groan)


That’s so funny. And how lovely that the boys are keeping you up to date with Finchley’s development. You must miss him a lot, he was such a cute puppy (and still is of course).

Helena xx


Too cute!! Love the Finchley updates, am a big Basset hound fan 🙂

Hope adorable pictures help you feel better!


Love is a Basset Hound and Hermes is simply the minimum they deserve.


Finch! As debonair a dog as he was cute a puppy. More update soon please.

Katy x


There’s nothng like a hug from a hound to make a girl feel better!


My Battersea Staff’s favourite place is the dirty washing pile, Not sure what that says about him!


@Alison That he loves you, and wants to be near your smells! LLGxx


Seriously, I was hoping that the logo said “Finchley.”


@Miss Cavendish So was I! But he does have a dog bed with his name embroidered on it! LLGxx

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