It never rains but it pours. Especially in my family. We are all sick at the moment. My father’s heart is playing up, lil’sis has had an MS relapse, I’ve got a tropical disease (we think, more results tomorrow) and poor Muv had a major op over the Bank Holiday weekend. Yup: mother & daughter no.1 were both in hospital (albeit different ones) simultaneously.

So my cousin & I went home last weekend to visit her, as she is stuck in bed for a few weeks. I was in charge of cooking, cousin S was in charge of wrangling her daughter and amusing me. Friday night I roasted a chicken with lemon & rosemary, and made buttery mash and roasted tomatoes with thyme & olive oil. That meant Saturday was cold chicken lunch day.

I think it’s important when feeding invalids to give them small mouthfuls, and lots of different tastes, colousr & textures to tempt both their appetite and their palate, which can be a bit numbed by meds.

This is what I gave my mother:


Cold lemon & rosemary chicken breast & leg meat
Blanched & refreshed cold French beans
Fennel & red chicory drizzled with syrupy balsamic
Sliced baby tomatoes
Warm Puy lentils simply boiled, drained and mixed with  feta, Dijon mustard & black pepper

She ate every last mouthful

Photos: LLG
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God I miss English supermarkets.


Looks delicious-esp the fennel and chicory salad.


Now you have made me hungry. Curses! Although I worry about the chicory. Do you think you may be becoming Belgian, and that is what is wrong with you? Any signs of an incipient Hercule Poirot tache or a penchant for making giant art objects that resemble brains? Yours. Dr. K.Boo esq.xxxx


So sorry you & the family are ill. Your lunch for your mother is beautifully plated & so thoughtfully selected, I’m sure it helped her. There is a special place in Heaven for compassionate daughters like you, to be so thoughtful, especially since you are ill yourself. I continue to send you positive & healing thoughts. May all be well soon.


You’re such a sweet daughter – and that looks delicious!


That looks delish, hope you are all feeling better now?

Helena xx


What a wonderful daughter you are. Hope all of you are on the mend soon….


Looks absolutely wonderful!! Would it be possible to post the recipes sometime?


So sorry to hear that you are all going through it at the moment, take care…xx


So sorry to hear that everyone is so under the weather. I hope you all feel much better soon! That lunch looks amazingly delicious, with wonderful food like that to bolster her, I’m sure your mother will get better very soon!

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