One of the less thrilling side effects of Eosinophila, the super elevated white blood cell count from which I currently am suffering, is extraordinarily itchy legs. (My Infectious Diseases consultant at the hospital tells me this is a classic symptom.)

Short of wearing mittens to stop me scratching, the best solution is to use some kind of emollient cream. It obviously can’t stop the itchy feeling, but it can soothe my poor battered skin and prevent any extra itchyness caused by dry skin.

So far the absolutely most moisturising product I’ve found is Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Body Elixir which not only smells heavenly, but locks in moisture, calming my skin, and keeping it soothed & moisturised for hours. And, being from wonderful Neal’s Yard, it contains 84% certified organic ingredients.

It contains the powerful antioxidant acai, skin-friendly omegas 6 and 9, as well as being packed full of Fair Trade cocoa butter and Brazil nut oil. This means that it is a very heavy moisturiser, and you need to give it time to sink in. That makes it perfect in the summer in shorts weather, when my legs are out anyway, and great in the winter when I want something powerful to sink into my skin after a bath when I am lolling around in a dressing gown.

And at the moment it seems to stop the urge to remove my epidermis, which is categorically a good thing

Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Body Elixir £27.50

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So sorry to hear you’re having such a rotten time of it! I’ve suffered from horrific acute dermatitis in the past (usually stress related) so I can sympathise in part. I’m definitely going to get myself some of this Elixir though as I’ve never found anything, bar steroid creams, that has stopped the urge to itch!



i’m a big Neal’s Yard fan and have been to their make your own beauty products course (paid for by me) and it was honestly brilliant too.

I suffer from horrible itching in the summer- apparently it’s quite common and can be to do with higher chemical levels in the water etc- obviously not as bad as what you have but I it was so bad one summer I had to take a pill before the shower every day and would sometimes be crying two or three days in a row with scratching pain or the frustration of not crying. I also found wrapping myself in natural cotton while drying helped. I did get to the point where I was scared to put a lot of things like moisturiser on but now I stick to natural things and it does help- and touch wood I am much better.

i do hope you are making a recovery and feeling a little bit better x


i seem to have missed all the back-story to this… i am really sorry to hear that you are ill. my sincere best wishes for a speedy recovery, because feeling shit sucks.


Glad you at least have a diagnosis now. Feel better soon….


I love Neals Yard products and Wild rose is fantastic and the smell is wonderful. But I must tell you to google a product called Dermatique if you are getting problems with your skin .. it is honestly the best thing I have ever used, I have extremely sensitive skin and a tendency towards eczema .. plus if hormonal can get acne .. never had it in my teens either.. but this is fantastic. xx


Darling – I’m an independent Neal’s Yard Remedies consultant you can order stuff through me and I could get you samples/discount etc.
I fell in love with NY Wild Rose Beauty Balm a year before I got married, having had a facial at the Islington shop opening – it is amazing stuff! Totally organic, soil association certified, gorgeous stuff!! Mmmmmmm xxx hope you’re feeling better? xx

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