As we arrived by car at the Círculo de Bellas Artes for the fashion show and after party, we could see the Mango flags flying…


Everyone had dressed up…the English fashion editors knocked everyone into a cocked hat (best legs, highest heels)


I can’t speak for the legs of the male English fashion editor, but he had evidently been shopping in Mango menswear earlier in the day. Great shoes.


Runways are usually protected from heel scuffs as everyone gets seated. We were particularly impressed by the very high standard of hotness presented by the Mango men who peeled off the paper to reveal the mirrored floor.


Backstage, the models were taking instruction on how to work it…


And then we were off…

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really lovely. must have been so much fun- even though you were feeling poorly. x shayma


Great photos love the shoe pic of the male fashion editor and the set for the show looks wonderful, its a shame you were not well, whilst there I am sure you would love the place. I would love to see Madrid now xx


i love the picture of the mirrored floor.x


How glamorous! Loved the shot of the legs and high heels – fab. And a mirrored floor – that could be fraught with unforeseen reflection issues?!

Hope you are recovering well 🙂

Ali x


Okay my first thoughts were: ooh pretty shoes and love the shine-y runway. But then I thought “mirror runway, does that mean they can see up the girls’ skirts? Poor girls!”


@ The Clothes Horse Fortunately, it was for Fall 2010, so they were all wearing tights, pants or winter shorts! LLGxx

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