I’ve just had the deepest, most luxurious bath.  Finally I feel properly relaxed and, most of all, clean. Having been released from four days in hospital in London, I felt sticky and grubby. It’s not that the hospital was dirty, far from it (the Royal Free is pretty immaculate), but that I didn’t feel well enough to wash my hair, and that taking a shower in flip flops (the bathroom is shared by four people on a ward) doesn’t make you feel squeaky clean.

First off, I took a shower, using Ole Henriksen’s African Red Tea Exotic Body Scrub to slough off any trace of hospital. Brown sugar, linseed oil, grapefruit, orange & tangerine extract combine to make a most delicious-smelling exfoliating & emollient goop, which leaves my leaves my skin silky soft. I exfoliated my face with the brilliant Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream, which I use every 2-3 days in winter and once a week in summer.

Then I washed my hair with Say Yes to Tomatoes’ new Daily Volumizing Shampoo which handily arrived from the publicist last week. I’m a huge fan of Say Yes to Carrots, its sister range, and I liked this too. My hair is now all soft & shiny, but not in a weird over-siliconed way. (I also liked that it’s inexpensive, comes in a huge bottle, and is petroleum, SLS & paraben free.) I combed a dollop of the equally goodmatching Daily Volumizing Conditioner through, before wrapping my hair in a towel to let the product sink in whilst I bathed.

I drew a bath & filled it to the brim, adding an extremely liberal pour of  ESPA’s Restorative Bath Oil, with its soothing and stress-reducing  combination of myrrh, sweet orange oil, rose geranium and lavender. On my face went a thick, indulgent layer of Chanel’s Précision Masque Déstressant Hydratation to iron out the illness worry lines.

I spent the next fifteen minutes reading Sunday’s Stella mag, drinking a cup of Earl  Grey and turning into a prune, before hopping out to take another shower to rinse off the conditioner and face mask.

Result: one super clean, slightly less stressed and shiny Sasha.

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So glad you are out of the hospital and feeling better


Oh that lovely ritual would clean all sin from the Devil! What bliss. You are making me wish I had a decent shop and a bath. Glad you are on the mend.


So glad to read that you are finally at home where you can properly get yourself back on your feet, LLG.

Say Yes To…. sounds intriguing! I followed your link, but it only seems to offer delivery within the US. I googled and found that The Big Online Book Retailer also stocks it.

Keep well.

Ali xxx


What a beautiful way to feel better! You are making me long for a decent shop and a bath. Glad you are on the mend.


I am glad that you feel well enough to have a relaxing bath (^-^)
About 2 years ago, I also suffered with a long illness related to the respiratory system. It just started with a bad flu. And I ended up being ill for 6 month.
I am completely recovered now. However, it took a long time to be the same again. So please take everything easy and don’t be too stressed.
I look forward to seeing your wonderful blog in full swing again! (^_<)b


am just catching up and am so sorry to hear how poorly you’ve been- though pleased you’ve had such great care. Glad you are on the mend now x


The E’spa oils are amazing, I also love their salt scrubs in oil and the pink hair mud .. wonderful xx


Sounds like a delicious routine -glad your feeling slightly better x


glad to see (read, actually) that you are feeling better already 🙂


Dear Sasha,

So glad you are feeling better.
Wishing you a quick recovery and lots of great posts as usual
liz from Paris

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