It’s the Cannes Film Festival, so I thought I’d run this post I wrote in January 2009.

Getting to the point where I believe in make-overs has taken me at last ten years. I once pissed off a make-up artist on a shoot I was styling by commenting tactlessly that I was past the age of believing that make-up could ever make me look wondrously transformed.

But what I really meant was that I didn’t believe all that magazine guff that tries to convince me that if I just had access to the right tools and the right product I would be thinking daily, wow I could shag myself I look so hot.

In my experience, being given access to a big box of make-up tricks generally you just look like a less scary version of your day to day self. And, once I’d had several make up jobs from pro makeup artists for various portraits and events, I gave up thinking that I would emerge from the studio dazzling everyone with my new-found beauty.

Then I was given the works at the Christian Dior artist suite at the Cannes Film Festival for a premiere I was attending one year as a guest of Chopard, and suddenly I understood why everyone made such a fuss about make-overs. Granted, my transformation was aided by huge fake eyelashes, a crop sprayer of hair lacquer and an inch of slap, but God I looked well, almost, gorgeous.

That is as long as you ignored the fact that Eva Herzigova, Chopard’s other guest that night, was standing next to me on the red carpet.

(I would have looked even better if I hadn’t had a huge spot on my chin, which, looked particularly fetching blown up on the huge television screens tracking our inching high heeled progress up the endless stairs at the entrance to the Palais des Festivals that evening.)

But at least I now know that, given at least three hours, a bunch of fake hair & eyelashes, and the world’s best make-up artists & stylists, I too can look pretty damn good.

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Hope you’re feeling better 😉


Ah so that is why everybody looks so impossibly gorgeous on the red carpet, would love to see a photo. You are too modest, I bet you looked every inch as gorgeous as Eva.

Hope you feel better soon, Crusoe sends you transatlantic licks. (He has been sick too, but has now made a full recovery).


Get well soon,
Currently one of my sixth formers has flu whilst sitting her 3 day photgraphy exam. We are ALL feeling her pain! What is it with summer and colds?
I often wonder if I spent more than 3 minutes on making myself up in the morning if it would take off a few years, but I know the truth would be it would scare the children and lets face it Dartford is no red carpet town!
Still a girl can dream and it must be lovely to have had your moment.


I am betting that you don’t really need all that folderol to look wonderful, LLG. Sounds like a fab experience all the same – the makeover AND Cannes.

Were you anxious that they’d make your look too OTT – or is it the sort of place where there’s no such thing as OTT? *grin*

Ali x


I love your blog and I read it every day. I think you should check out this swedish designer with really amazinng clothes.


ooooh, can we see a pic?

I hope you feel better soon.


no fair, we want photo. feel better soon, darling. x shayma


Sorry to hear you are unwell. I hope it’s not the nasty stomach bug that is taking its victims this side of the pond. Get better soon!

I was thinking of you yesterday when I went into Benefit to get my eyebrows ‘done’. I told them about a million times not to take away too much, especially as I have a scar in one of my eyebrows. I must have been speaking Chinese, because I now look like Greta Garbo on a bad day. I feel like crying! (Ok, I have been crying a little.)
Where did you go again? I keep on thinking ‘Urban Outfitters’, but that doesn’t make an awful lot of sense.

xx Greta


get well soon Sasha


There is a fashion starved woman sitting in Uganda, she misses shoes, lip gloss and all manner of shiny things. Coming over to your world is a breath of glitz in my day: Get better soon. X

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