I’m looking for an intern (who doesn’t wear a fur coat  or try to eat my beauty samples) to help me with Libertylondongirl.com & with various fashion and journalism related projects this summer.

Based here in New York, ideally they’d be able to commit to around 15 hours a week, (more if they liked but absolutely not required) with some time spent with me during the working day, and some spent working remotely from home.

The position is best suited to someone who wishes to pursue a career in journalism, with an emphasis on on-line media. They must have excellent written skills, and have a knowledge of fashion, beauty and/or lifestyle trends as research in these areas will be required.

The ideal candidate will be very familiar with, & used to interacting on, social media (Twitter & Facebook), and a basic knowledge of blogging software (WordPress and/or Blogger) is necessary. Familiarity with uploading to Flickr & YouTube wld also be helpful, as would a knowledge of podcasting.

Most importantly, they will be logical, alert, hyper-organized and efficient as there is a lot of precise admin, coding of images and organisation of databases to be done. (Tasks that I perform on a daily basis, but which are currently taking up time which I should spend writing.) A good phone manner is required.

As well as helping with day-to-day work admin, the internship may also involve calling in samples for shoots, accompanying me on appointments to fashion houses and to publicity agencies, to events & launches as necessary, as well as some work errands such as returning samples to fashion houses & agencies. This means a familiarity with NYC is essential.

There will also be an opportunity to contribute by-lined posts to Libertylondongirl.com in the intern’s area of interest, therefore knowledge of some or all of the areas currently covered by Libertylondongirl.com would be helpful but not essential. I will work with the intern to help hone their writing skills.

They must have their own laptop. The position is unpaid, but a weekly MTA card will be covered, along with various other emoluments to be discussed. Ideally I’d like a commitment of four weeks (or more), starting in June at a point tba.

Interested candidates should email me at libertylondongirl@gmail.com with a resumé and a covering letter setting out their relevant experience, interests & skills. I’m not necessarily looking for people who have worked on professional magazines or websites before – I want to give someone interesting a foot in the door. (As regular readers will know, I have been a magazine editor and writer for fourteen years – my website is here www.sashawilkins.com)

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oh I would love to apply!…but need to move to New York first. Hope you find who are looking for I am sure you will have alot of very keen applicants. Have a lovely weekend


Oh to be of internable age again… And to be able to spend a summer in NYC. Le sigh.


An amazing opportunity to learn! Will be surprised if you don’t have at least 100 applicants. You’ll need an intern to help you pick an intern!


*sigh* what a fantastic opportunity to learn the ropes. I wish I was in New York and of intern-able age. Tons of luck finding the right person!!

Ali xxx


I would love to intern if I were in NYC! *sigh* but I’m stuck in Australia 🙁


I’m utterly unsuitable, but what a DREAM job! I hope you find the right intern soon, and have a well-organized summer!


That sounds like such a great way to spend the summer… If only I was in New York! Good luck finding a killer intern!


I’d definitely apply if I a) lived in New York, b) was younger!! All the best for finding someone good. xx


Wow, that’s perfect for me! I was really hoping that this was a remote/online job but alas no. I only just moved to Costa Rica from the UK so couldn’t possibly relocate again!

Good luck with the search. I’ll be very jealous of the lucky person that gets it!


Oh how I wish it could be me!
But unfortunately…
I live in Brussels and I’m studying law and economics, not the requirements you’re looking for I’m afraid.
Good luck, I hope you’ll find a wonderful and very competent student or graduate who absolutely deserves it!

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