I  travel incessantly and, even in these days of hotels tricked out with gadgets and modern comforts, I still find that very few hotel rooms have iPod docks or any music available beyond cable radio. It’s essential that I have some form of  good music to drown out background noise (I don’t always stay at The Peninsula), and to keep me company on long writing sessions.

I first read about the XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker on India’s blog, filing the info away for later use. When I got round to ordering one I couldn’t quite believe that a £15  speaker that fits in the palm of my hand would really be anything other than tinny with crap bass. I was wrong. (Always trust India.)

It’s bloody brilliant: definitely not tinny, instead a nice round sound that, if you wish could be doubled by adding another speaker using the integral mini jack. It charges for eleven hours through a USB port and is tiny enough to fit in my handbag without adding to my carry-on weight allowance – which I always manage to exceed.

To give you an idea of scale:


It’s available in the UK here & in the US here

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Oh v. useful to know must get one after being stung £22 for new ipod headphones!


Thank you for letting us know. I hate depending on reviews I cannot trust. Excellent news.

Hope things are getting a bit more settled what with that crazed week (gawd) that you’ve had.



I just thought “great, I’ll this for Dad for his birthday” then after a few minutes remembered his birthday was in March. Monday Brain has excelled itself this time.

I’ll just get it for me, then!

hope you are ok and people are being lovely to you.

Sparkles x


I rushed to buy one and have received mine now, and it really sounds great.

Thank you very much for your information as usual. I have no idea how many of things I came to know and bought…


Bought this after reading your reccommendation. It has just arrived and the sound is quite good for such a tiny thing. I think it’s awesome.


Good to hear! I always worry that people won;t have the same experience as I do. Thanks for letting me know. LLGxx


I finally bought it last week. It’s working beautifully. Have recommended to others.

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