Peanut butter mini cupcakes at the soft opening of Allan Nederpelt Fine Arts in Brooklyn.


Like every other idiot tourist within a mile radius, I succumbed to the siren call of a $3 vanilla cone from the Mr Whippie truck outside The Plaza today.


Judy and her lovely boyfriend David took me for dinner at Arturo’s on Houston last Sunday, where the old school coal oven pizza pies are so large they come on special stands, and drip streams of delicious molten cheese. (Above: pizza al funghi.)

guac sh

I’m slightly rueing the day they put a $5 guacamole & chips on the menu at Soho House. I might as well smear cheese on my thighs.


And today, the Saturday after the fire, there was extremely good dim sum for lunch at Chinatown Brasserie with Judy, after we had spent the morning luxuriating at The Peninsula Spa. (Above: vegetable & peanut steamed dumplings, vegetable spring rolls, pork potstickers.)

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How you have managed to get in those Hudson’s is beyond me, I have gained 4lb just looking at that gorgeous food!


What?! No flake?!


Mmmm. I like the look of that dimsum.

We were in Manhattan yesterday for a very blustery trip to Liberty Island. Lunch was tacos at Grand Central station – very tasty too.

(I would love to meet up sometime, by the way – not often that I get into town without the boys/family in tow but from September they will both be at school till 3 every day so I will have far more time to go into the City…..)


Sinful temptation!!!!!….


OMG! I miss Arturo’s! I used to work on Houston and ate there all the time! YUM!!!


It’s 6:55am here in Tokyo and I am already hungry for a slice, no, a whole pie from Arturo’s! And peanut butter cupcakes for dessert please.. loved reading about your Manhattan food adventure 🙂


Blonde is right…that ice cream needs a flake.


I love Arturo’s and hearing about food… I’m now thinking what I can eat… again. xx

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