This week has been very, very odd. Granted, sleep was in short supply after the shocks & horrors of  Tuesday night but I just presumed that I would get on with life la la la.

Instead, although I have been trying to do just that, it’s been rather as though I am gliding through a facsimile of it. This morning I discovered a whole raft of emails and Twitter DMs from Wednesday morning that I clearly read at the time, but about which I have absolutely no recollection of receiving.

On Wednesday I was supposed to attend a lunch on a boat leaving from the Chelsea Piers. I arrived five minutes late, couldn’t find anyone and, after fifteen minutes, just left.  What was I thinking? That night I fell asleep on the sofa at 630pm, exhausted & wrung out.

And now it’s Friday. We still haven’t been let back into the apartment, which means that clothes that had a chance of salvage are probably beyond redemption.

More pressing tho has been the need to find somewhere to stay. Judy is at her boyfriend’s place in Gramercy. Darling Jill left her door open for me the night of the fire and I have been staying in her studio since which is not ideal for her, as it is categorically a space for one tidy person.

Then the London PR for  The Peninsula in New York got in touch (rain blessings on her head) and kindly offered me tonight & tomorrow in the hotel. I am so, so grateful.

From Sunday Judy & I are dogsitting together for seven days in Gramercy, and after that I’m going to be  hopping between various NY hotels for the rest of the month, and you’ll be able to read about it on LLG and elsewhere.

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When are we going out dancing again? (added by Mobile using Mippin)


I’m so sorry, sincerely hope everything works out for you. xo


You’ve had a huge shock, take it slowly. x


How nice that you had this hotel offer, I love the way people pull together at times of crisis.xx


Darling girl,
Just read about the fire, excellent reporting but my goodness there is a lot going on with you at the moment, must be stars colliding somewhere or some such nonsense. How mucking scary that must have been for you, more after, than during I expect. The luck pendulum has to be be swinging in a positive direction for all of us soon. Hugs.

We were good and voted at 7.30am. They still haven’t sorted it out…
WEM xx


Rescue Remedy, Arnica tablets and gin will help restore your powers. of that I have no doubt. Glad that you have more than one roof over your head over the coming weeks. You would be welcome here, but it is a long commute.


Jesus, that sounds awful…what a year for the earth quaking under your feet and homes coming and going…thank god all your stuff is in storage…poor Judy though.


So shocked and sorry to hear about your fire! I totally understand your need for Bassett Love right now. I’m hoping you and your friend find more permanent moorings soon…


I admire your strength (I wouldn’t be able to post at all).
I hope that things get settled soon for you both and that the damage inside is minimal.


Poor poor you. Hope you’re feeling better soon.


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