finch et maxou 2

finch et maxou

Darling Finchley & Maxou

I just robbed these off Y’s Facebook – it’s 1250am, so I think he’d prefer me not to call…but I’m having a vin triste after the madness of this week, and needed some Basset love.

(Regular readers of my blog will know that I spent several months in New Jersey last year with my wonderful, wonderful friends J&Y and their two much beloved Basset Hounds, Max & Finchley.)

More Basset love here, here & here

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Oh you are killing me here! I love basset hounds so much, every time you post a picture of these fellas I want to go get my own!


my friend has a basset hound and the children love it because even when it is running full pelt they can still keep up. Their favourite thing is to watch it coming down stairs. They are convinced its skin is just going to puddle off onto the hall floor eventually.


The perfect pictures for this morning… Bassetts are wonderfully restorative. Hope you have a better weekend than you did week.


So beautiful!


Yay – a much wished for hounds-update. Hope you are doing ok after the dramas of the past week x


Oh how darling. I’m sorry you’ve had such a week. The fire & so on. I grew up with border collies & bassets (& cats –they were all pals)…so these bring back happy memories. Oh, yes I do remember your hilarious stories of these lil devils last year.




I hope you have recovered from the fire drama xxx


sweet, it’s a dog’s life. I want a bit of r &r like them..Have a lovely weekend

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