In a city where you can throw a stone & hit a hotel, The Carlyle remains one of Manhattan’s grandes dames, proffering old world luxury & charm, along with new world service & plumbing. Considering its position some eighty blocks north of anywhere that my friends live or hang out in New York, it’s extraordinary how often one or other of us finds ourselves in the bar for cocktails.

On my second weekend in Manhattan my parents took me there for brunch, and I was entranced not just by the extraordinary array of delicious food, but by the diverse clientele, who ranged from Upper East Side silver foxes & twenty-something preppies in pink Polo shirts to dignified African-American ladies in hats & skinny jean-clad hipsters. (It made my list of quintessential Manhattan experiences in 2007.)

There’s always something interesting going on there, I had tea with Lulu Guinness there last week, and this week’s reason to visit is this wonderful art project: the hotel has commissioned New York’s only remaining sidewalk artist Hani Shihada to recreate Picasso’s “The Dream,” in chalk on the sidewalk just outside the hotel.

Artwork Completed v2-1

It’s not a random gesture: the artwork ties in with the opening this week of The Met’s landmark Picasso in The Metropolitan Museum of Art show, just four blocks north of the Hotel.

May I suggest a walk around the show, followed by a sidewalk viewing, before heading to The Carlyle’s iconic Bemelman’s Bar for a Martini and a look at the eponymous original murals?

Picasso in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
April 27, 2010–August 1, 2010

The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel

Madison Avenue at 76th Street, New York, NY 10021

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Oooh I love that place- good food, great atmosphere and Woody Allen. I need to go back! Very jealous.



That looks so beautiful.
If I ever get to NYC, I shall add the Carlyle to my list of places to go and have a cocktail, sounds gorgeous.


@Looking Fab: oh you MUST! In fact, I would go as far as to say it’s essential. LLGxx


What a perfect New York day, experiencing art, the city, and a good Martini!


Love the sidewalk art – very cool of the Carlyle to commission. When I lived in NYC, Bemelman’s Bar was one of my favorite places to go for drinks and a light dinner – great bar menu. On a side note – I have two adorable dachshunds – how can I send you their photos?


@Kathy@ post them on the LLG Facebook page! They’ll be in gd company – four other people have posted their’s! LLGxx


That’s very nice. Ive seen a lot of people doing that lately in the streets of paris !


Ludwig Bemelmans, the creator of the Madeline books, did the mural in the Carlyle bar! The hotel compensated him with free loding for a year and a half. Love that place….


Incredibly cool chalk art! It reminds me of Mary Poppins, when they all jumped into Bert’s drawings 🙂


i love your suggestion! it sounds so delightful – i haven’t seen a picasso collection since visiting the picasso musuem in barcelona 5 years ago (and a painting or two at the SF MoMA). i’m going to be devouring all your new york suggestions while i dream of visiting in the hopefully near future.

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