The Port Authority Building, (it’s shaped like a liner) seen from 14th Street & 9th Avenue

Like the most inexperienced of tourists, I forgot to check under my seat as we arrived at JFK last Sunday from the DR. Unfortunately that is where my camera was lurking, and American Airlines antediluvian Lost & Found process has so far failed to reunite us, even with flight & seat number. *A plague of a thousand lost umbrellas upon your house, AA*. So, I am reliant on my Blackberry Curve’s not bad at all camera for the time being, as I am uninsured and in no position to buy a new one.


Taking the A Train

The weather has been abysmal. Un-seasonally overcast, and pissing with rain almost every day, it was so cold on Monday night I resorted to wearing a cashmere sweater in bed. (This is highly unusual in NYC where every apt building pumps out heat like a furnace in winter.) I left nearly all of my winter clothes in England to be brought back in September, as it is always sunny & warm this time of year in Manhattan.


Thank goodness for my lightweight Barbour International & my Selve brogues

(Shot on the cobbles of the Meatpacking District.)

There has been the odd blast of weak sunshine: the day before I went to the DR was beautiful, & I shot these proud tulips outside The Plaza:


Desperate with longing for the LLG family menagerie, I have taken to accosting dachshunds – & their owners – in the street. I met this sweetheart across from The Plaza, and its long suffering owner let it pose for me.

Dachsie PLaza

Walking across Central Park helped lift me out of my malaise last week:


It’s hard to believe the softball pitches are a block from the street:


There’s no cooking equipment in my apartment right now, so this has not been a nutritionally sound week. There’s been these for lunch from my favourite Mexican street truck at 14th & 8th:


Utterly heavenly pizza al funghi at Serafina  on the UES, (ahem, a Gossip Girl hangout), for supper with Jill on Saturday night. *Ooh that looks vast. I’ll just eat half & take the rest home.*  Oops.


There has been this, twice. ($6 the lot):

Chinese food NYC

Because, of course, I always feel like I am in the movies in New York when I eat Chinese food from cardboard pails with wire handles. (And it is always ‘Chinese food’ in America, rather just the bald ‘Chinese’ we use in England. And it is a take-out, not a takeaway.)

And every morning on the way to work in the drawing room at Soho House, I grab the $2 special from the corner bodega by the C train. Toting a deli coffee & a cream cheese bagel in a brown paper sack I know I really am in America:

bagel breakfast

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Like your shoes.. Have you been to the burger bar in Le Parker Meridien Hotel … Fab experience


While you were out tramping about Central Park, I was out (almost) tramping on a snake! Thanks for these pictures that remind me that one really can walk in places where there are no reptiles underfoot!


@ruth I don’t eat beef, so it’s a bit wasted on me, but I happily send visitors there. (They do great breakfasts in the diner there tho. PILES of waffles etc)

@Suzanna Snakes?! Sweet mother of God yr life has changed since 2007!



Liking this montage and your bberry shots are surprisingly clear, nicely done.


Oh bad luck re the camera – hope it finds its way back to you soon. These blackberry pics are great though!


Sorry about your camera…I know you wrote that you were saving for a new digital professional camera. I am familiar with how expensive they can be. Your Blackberry takes pretty good shots, though. Love the one of the dog; and the owner has great taste in shoes!!!



I am sure your menagerie misses you as well, but that borrowed dog looks lovely.
Ever since I saw the picture of that great pizza, I have been thinking that we need a picture of the whole pizza as well, so we can all appreciate how lovely it is.


Nice pictures! Bagels in the US taste so good.


I was really impressed that some of the shots were so clear. Cameraphones have def moved on! LLGxx


It has been miserably cold, hasn’t it? We are back to winter coats today. But it’s supposed to be hot at the weekend – hurrah….

Bad luck about the camera….hope you are reunited soon.

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