ff1 collection

The brilliantly simple ff1 indoor lounge chair is the first piece from young Belgian designers James van Vossel and Tom de Frieze, who started their design company Fox and Freeze in October 2009.

Starting from a single square sheet of synthetic felt, the material is twisted and twisted again, just like a scarf, ending in a symmetric and but also an asymmetric object. There’s no loss of material (except from the drilled holes), and the structure is self-supporting.

1 james with felt sheet

2 marking drill holes 3 tom drilling holes

ff1 detail1 ff1 detail2

5 final folding of ff1 12 ff1 chairs mirrored

ff1 white

€275 Available from www.foxandfreeze.com

The chair’s strength test, proving that a single sheet of felt can support a human’s weight, is on youtube

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this might just be the coolest chair i have ever seen, it looks like a peice of oragami!


So simple yet complicated, how utterly brilliant!!


That is very clever indeed! I love people’s ideas.


wow- i absolutely adore this design. beautiful.


omg, these are so cool! I absolutely love the design.


Thanks for putting on the YouTube vid…my first question was about weight support…


Love this creation. Just yesterday after furniture shopping I was thinking how fun it would be to design furniture!


So Amazing! I like it!


Looks gorgeous – but is it comfy?

My gosh – I feel so old saying that… 🙂

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