I first knocked up this puree for Sunday lunch about five years ago to accompany my  roast hand & spring of pork with roast potatoes, purple sprouting broccoli & homemade apple sauce, and it was really very good. *pats self on back*. Of course, it’s hardly an original idea, but I do love it for both its ease and its subtle flavour. It’s also the perfect recipe for anyone trying to avoid carbs, as it has the texture of pommes purées, just much, much fluffier.

It also makes a lovely soup if you thin it down with vegetable stock, and a little whole milk at the end.

For the amount shown above, which feeds 4-6 depending on how many other side dishes you have,  take a medium sized cauliflower, cut out the core, and divide into florets. Chuck in a pan with a bay leaf and a chopped onion, (I added black peppercorns this time – this was a mistake,) and about three inches of water. Simmer away with the lid on until  the cauliflower is completely soft. You do not want any hint of al dente here.


Drain the cauliflower over a bowl to catch the cooking water, which you want to keep.



You have to use a food processor for this recipe. A stick or goblet blender is disastrous as it just chops, rather than purees the cauliflower. (A mouli-legumes/food mill wld work, but life is way too short for that kind of faffing.)

Add the cauliflower, a knob of butter & a very generous tablespoon of double/heavy cream.


Whiz it all up. If it seems too thick, add a small ladle of the reserved cooking water. Add sea salt & whiz again. Chk seasoning, add more if necessary.


This can be made in advance, and re-heated, as I did, to no ill effect in the microwave. I put a very large spoon of butter on top before I micro’d it as you can see from below.  Hey, it was Easter Sunday lunch after all.


I dedicate this recipe to Esther at Recipe Rifle who makes me laugh with her carb-dodging.

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Interesting recipe. Must try this for supper next week.


yum… my mom makes a similar recipe, which is sooooo good!


I’m so touched!

I was reading through it going “Brilliant, brilliant, yup… can definitely do this one… not too many carbs…” and then got to the end and laughed out loud.

Maybe I should just do some exercise.


@Esther – My pleasure! LLGxx


mmm, cream and butter w cauliflower- such white luxury. x shayma


Love your blog. I have lived here in Boston so long that I thought I was the only one using “faffing about” and “blue arsed fly”. The latter shocked one of my staff earlier today!


@Nina Thank you! English English is ace! LLGxx


Looks and sounds wonderful. Must make.


LLG – how does it affect one in the downstairs wind department?

Ali X


I found it works fine using a hand blender… perfectly smooth. But there was a … hmm, slight bitterness to the taste. I’m not sure quite what’s the best thing to do to counteract that.

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