As I ran around last Tuesday morning like a blue arsed fly trying to simultaneously store, pack, clean & tidy, I grabbed a shoebox, indiscriminately throwing in some of the beauty samples I hadn’t got round to using whilst in England, & shoved it in a corner of my suitcase.

Back in New York, whilst looking for suncare, I fished out this little tub of ESPA Essential Tea Tree Gel, and took it to the Dominican Republic where it proved truly essential. Not only did it clear up a rosacea whitehead breakout overnight without drying my skin or leaving flakes, but it calmed & soothed my vast mosquito bites.

Containing essential oils of lemon, tea tree and thyme,  along with evening primrose, it’s a teeny tiny glass pot of offputting- looking translucent gloop. It is Not Cheap in the travel size, in fact it’s expensive for a small pot, but I forgive its appearance and its cost as it really does do what it promises. (You are better off investing in the much better value  full size pot, which a reader tells me lasts her a year.)

*post has been clarified after publication. The Gel comes in two sizes 15 ml (£12/$18) & 55ml (£20/$33)

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Oh you and your beauty samples! Just been catching up on your blog (after what seems like an eternity of sturm and dang at my end) – what a joy. The holiday looks divine. Thank heavens for mothers who insist on baggage belts. Sorry to hear about the family home, so sad. Loving the hat and shades and the vintage attic finds. Thanks for cheering me up.
WEM xx


Oh, I NEED this stuff!



I love this stuff too and can vouch for its miracle properties in reducing the redness in spots. I’d wager though that you have the tiny travel pot which is 15ml, for £12? The big pot is £20 and I use it a lot, and it lasts me for about a year…. (or more!)


Sounds great – I’m a sucker for anything containing essential oils.


You’re review makes this sound like such a dream product! Now I think I have to track it down, at least for a sample… (added by Mobile using Mippin)


@Laurakitty It is great! LLGxx

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