(Please excuse the grumpy face – I always forget to smile in photos)

I am so pale, so English, that if I go in the sun I start to sizzle like bacon on a griddle. Uncomfortable in minutes, scarlet in half an hour, I learnt from a very early age to cover up outdoors. Hat, long sleeves, swimsuit not bikini, factor 30+ sunscreen, vast sunglasses…

I looked stupid as an infant, awkward as a teenager but finally my sun protection looks normal, as we all now know that covering up in the sun is sensible not scaremongering. This is about the limit of my sun exposure:


(The pool at Tortuga Bay)

(Although I do make sure I get my twenty minutes a day in the sun – I don’t want my bones collapsing though lack of vitamin D)

I’ve been protecting my skin with a number of products so far. I like The Organic Pharmacy’s new Cellular Protection Sun Cream SPF25. Quite brilliantly, it is free from preservatives, colourants, fragances & petrochemicals. It’s quite sticky, but I expect that from a natural sunscreen like this. Best of all, unlike many natural sunscreens, it’s invisible &  doesn’t leave a white glow on the skin.

Nivea Sun’s Moisturising Sun Spray SPF 30
is really good – a fine, easy to apply spray, it’s very moisturising, and leaves no residue on the skin.

Sunglasses: Oliver PeoplesHat: Bronté Vintage silk shirt: Grandmother’s (found in the attic) Swimsuit: Eres. Gold necklace: Erica Weiner. Earrings: Topshop

(Don’t worry – I’m not going to start posting photos of me in my daily outfits. This one just seemed relevant to the post.)

LLG is a guest of Tortuga Bay

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Thanks for reminding readers about hats—I went to a swamp yesterday and forgot mine. I also forget it later while photographing a mullet hole, and I am paying for it today. (I have an exceedingly glamorous existence in backwoods Florida!)

J’adore le chapeau!


The hat is exquisite. No preservatives in sunscreen? Now that’s excellent news;-)

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