So I’m now in the Caribbean and it is, as expected, beautiful here. Through my villa’s French windows, all I can see are swaying palm trees, and a sea of a startling blue green. It rained within five minutes of my arrival, but the sun has just broken through, and I am off in my golf cart to investigate lunch.

I’ll leave you with an image of one side of my villa’s drawing room


and the welcome fruit basket, which has fruits I’ve never seen before piled up with the expected bananas and apples.


(LLG is a guest of Tortuga Bay)

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You’re so lucky!xxx



Dreamy!! Just what you need after the stress of disentangling yourself from London life. Hopefully the jolifications aren’t too draining…!


Poppy xox


@poppy Don’t I just: I am here for work, (off to the inauguration of a golf course today!) but work with palm trees, sun & great people is not to be sniffed at! LLGxx


Do you even realise how smug you sound? Tone it down and make your experiences more relatable to those of us reading your blog from our desk jobs.


@Claire I don’t think I am smug: I don’t take anything for granted about my job, and there is plenty in my life that you don’t know about that balances out all the shiny bits.

My blog started as my on-line letters home to England and that is still essentially what the posts about my activities are. I’m not sure what the point of making my blog ‘relatable’ to you would be: this IS my life. Why wld I lie or ‘tone down’ what I do?

I’m sorry you don’t like reading it.


Lucky you! Have fun! ^_^


Get ready for the nasty comments; apparently people who work hard are not permitted to go on nice holidays. Hope you have a fab time and enjoy the tropical heat (London is actually gloriously sunshiny today, but still by no means warm!) x


@Penny Dreadful Thank you love – yr comment was a much needed tonic. Of course the irony is that I am here for work, and work is work regardless of the gorgeousness of the surroundings! Hope you are enjoying the sunshine LLGxx


Oh i was really exepting to see a picture of the viewww from your window! 😉



Go LLG!! That looks AMAZING!! Am I jealous? YES. Do you 100% deserve it? YES! Enjoy, enjoy, and keep sending us the pics xx


OMG! Tortuga Bay!.. watch out for any pirates… jack sparrow in particular 🙂


I, for one, like to live vicariously through LLG and have no quibble with posts like these. In fact, I relish them, and I am quite sure dear LLG busts her patootie making a living as a freelancer, which is not always an easy thing to do.


I appreciate you responding to comments, and resisting the temptation to remove the less than flattering contributions.
I have enjoyed your blog for quite some time, and have no doubt that you work hard, however there is a haughty, self-satisfied tone in your writing lately. I’m not ordinarily a comment-box-cow but it does come across as though you don’t quite appreciate how privileged your lifestyle is, particularly when the majority of your followers will be very admiring of your position. Apologies if I have misread you somewhere along the long.

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