Galleries outside London tend to draw the short end of the straw where media space is concerned, so I am very happy to give a shout out to Forge 2 in Oxfordshire. Originally set up as a collaboration between three local artists and craftswomen, their idea was to create an open studio where each could work in the company of like-minded artists.

From this initial idea, they opened their doors to host a diverse mix of exhibitions, showing not only work from a wealth of local talent but  from artists across Britain. Their latest group selling show, Journey, opens this week with a private view on Friday evening. (Open invitation below).

I have a vested interest, as work from a talented photographer I know, Alexander Milnes, whose photographs appear here, is being shown as part of the exhibit.



All images by Alexander Milnes, http://alexandermilnes.com

Forge 2 . The Green . Culworth . Oxfordshire . OX17 2AZ .
01295 712136 . 07736 707316 . info@forge2.co.uk http://forge2.com

Forge 2 Journey

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Awesome photos! x

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