For part of London Fashion Week in February, I stayed at The Metropolitan London. It’s one of my favourite London Hotels: calm, quiet, soothing. I have history there: very close to the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square, it’s where I used to stay when I was working on big US mag & sorting out my American work visas. I was always stressed, sleep deprived & grumpy when I arrived from the JFK red eye, and the moment I walked into the pale atrium I felt disconnected from the world in the best possible way. (Well, apart from the Blackberry welded to my paw.)

Although I hate to invoke the C word, this is a hotel often frequented by shiny A-list celebs, and the staff know how to treat, let us say, the more demanding type of guest. The hotel employees always seem to glide, their steps muffled by thick carpet in the corridors, and nothing is ever too much trouble

The hotel is also dog friendly – although Posetta hasn’t quite forgiven me for gaily trotting into the wide revolving door with her on the leash, and failing to realise she wasn’t quite so close behind me as I had thought. Cue poor Posetta squished against the glass, before being rescued by the quick reacting doorman.

Above is a short film I shot during London Fashion Week. I shot it late at night, so please forgive the whispering at the beginning.

More LLG hotel reviews & video here

LLG was a guest of The Metropolitan for one night during London Fashion Week

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During my time at Oxbridge my chums and I used to meet up at the Metropolitan for drinks at the weekends. I now stay at the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge when in London on business.


how utterly gorgeous is your voice? x shayma


Lovely hotel, I’ll have to look into staying there on my next visit this summer!


Aha. They have named a hotel after me. How very delightful. 🙂 x MM


@MM you are famous, hein?! LLGxx

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