My parents’ ongoing divorce wrangling has coloured everything that has happened this year. In particular it’s been strange being at our family home in England with just my mother & I (plus dogs) in residence. This is the first Easter I’ve spent in England sine 2006, – in 2007 I was in Manhattan with Jackie, in 2008 I was in church on Fifth Avenue, and last year Judy & I were luxe-ing it up at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in California.

This will be the last Easter we spend in this house before it is sold as part of the divorce settlement, so  I decided to go all out on the traditional table laying: gold & white for Easter along with what’s left of the family silver, my parent’s wedding list Rosenthal china & David Mellor cutlery from 1967, the Dartington wine glasses, cut glass tumblers, Granny’s linen, chocolate eggs scattered everywhere, candles and scented narcissi.


Ratbag cavorted outside in the weak sunshine, trying to dig to Australia,


and, in the absence of my father,  I applied my ninja firestarter skills to the drawing room fire. Quite pleased with myself.


The cast: My godmother R, & the always charming C’s, who cope admirably with all our shrieking & eccentricities. (Perfect guests – they all bought vast quantities of Easter chocolate.)

The menu:

silver toast rack

Smoked salmon paté. Brown toast

Roast shoulder of English Lamb & its jus
Redcurrant jelly
Stewed flageolet beans
Purple sprouting broccoli with lemon, sea salt & olive oil
Cauliflower purée
Boiled new potatoes
Roast potatoes
Chateau Lagrange (St Julien) 2005

P1140449roast potatoesP1140456P1140446

Cheese & grapes:


Orangeflower cake with Jersey double cream

An excessive amount of chocolate

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What a lovely easter table. I hope the picture will be framed in your hearts forever.


Super elegant and lovely. I love little ratbag digging outside. I’m jealous that you went to Ojai. (Going to read that post now.) California is my heaven and from what I’ve seen of Ojai on Brothers and Sisters (hehe) I really want to go.


What a fantastic grown up Easter table, it is a shame it will be the last in that house but next year will be different and could be even better.


Looks like you made the best of a not so hot situation. Hope it was a good one!


Easter lunch for me is usually spent at my mothers. This Easter I was abandoned…and cooked pasta bake. These pictures make me so jealous. What a splendid English Easter.


What a wonderful Easter table! Divorce is no fun but in about 5 years you’ll all be so much happier I can assure you.

tweet tweet tweet



Looks lovely and the menu sounds very tasty. I have been ovenless for six months. Two weeks before the new one arrives. Roast lamb is high on the list of must haves. This Easter I had pasta and pesto cooked a on a single electric heating ring.


That is a splendid table, what beautifully ironed table linen – I rarely iron clothes but enjoy starching and ironing table linen and pillow cases. How sad to part with a family home but I can only tell you from experience that you can recreate and renew the happy times anywhere.


looks wonderful. I haven’t known of your blog for long, so please excuse me if you’ve already written about it but a post on perfect roast potatoes would be most welcome 🙂


What a beautiful Easter spread! Glad you had a happy day, even with the unpleasantness of divorce.

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