There’s been torrential rain here in Northamptonshire but it didn’t stop me going for an exploration around the garden & field this morning with the dogs in the rain. Spring is everywhere; the sticky buds are unfurling and the rose leaves are starting to turn the most shocking, vibrant green (left).


I started with a little light sheep feeding. First the expectation:


Then the satisfaction:

Jacobs sheep

The catkins & pussy willow are almost over:


Pussy Willow

But the muscari are just about to open:


and the hellebore bed under the holly tree is blooming away:
Cream hellebores


pink hellebore

Someone followed me around the field whilst I poked around in the hedgerows.

Dachshund daffodills

I failed to notice that she was rolling luxuriantly in foxshit. You would not believe the REEK.

dacshund bath

She’s just about forgiven me:

Wet dachshund

Especially after I shared one of these with her (picking out the currants obv as they are cummulatively poisonous to dogs)

Hot cross buns

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Pics of Posetta in the sink are *so* cute.


It looks idyllic. The kind of English country garden that us foreigners always picture. I love it when Posetta makes an appearance!


What an adorable little dog:)
You’re lucky it is only raining, it has been sowing where I am!
Beautiful pictures.


Sheep! Hellebores! Sweet dog having bath! Hot cross buns! All my favourite things in one post. You are Easter genius.

PS Very envious to hear tell of perfect hedge. *sighs for the lost country arts*


Happy Easter my love. I love Spring – but I especially love Hot Cross Buns. Have been searching for them again this year in LA but the nearest I have found is a cakey, fruity like scone with a cake icing X on the top – NO, No, NO.


What lovely spring pictures, lets hope the weather will get better.


I agree with Alex. It all looks so idyllic. I enjoy all your writing, but I think many of us have a real soft spot for Posetta.


Yesterday I bought my first pair of Wolford Velvet de Luxe black opaque tights after reading about them on here. I just HAD to have some. You made me go and buy them!! They are so amazing … thank you! I lived in England for 2 years in Guilford and there’s something so delightful about the arrival of spring in the countryside and, of course, any food hailing from Marks and Spencer. Their own brand custard is to die for. So cute Posetta, countryside photos and Marks and Sparks food is just a wonderful Easter to me!


Those sheep are adorable. Love your garden. It’s all very Beatrix Potter. Happy Easter LLG.


Positively proper Britishness represented in these images! Lovely, makes me want to venture into our corner of England in search of hellebores and pussy willows!

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