after LM

This is me after just thirty minutes  in the make up chair at the Laura Mercier make up studio in The Urban Retreat, Harrods. Quite simply the best make-up I’ve ever had done anywhere in the world.

I was made-up after my eyebrows had been tamed by the lovely Baljit at Shavata. Having given me perfect magic eyebrows, she looked at me thoughtfully and suggested that maybe I would like to hop over to her friend Edel at the Laura Mercier counter for a quick whisk over before we took my after photo. No  pressure, just if I’d like to.

As I waited for Edel to start making me look human, I looked in the mirror and tried to repress a shudder. My new perfect eyebrows just highlighted my screaming red cheeks, (rosacea does not like hot, bright lighting), bloodless lips and rabbit-y eyes. Baljit, frankly, had been kind. Instead of gently suggesting, she should have pushed me into that make-up chair & held me down.   Don’t believe me? Here’s me with no make-up (& before my rosacea flared) before Baljit & Edel performed their respective magic on me:

before LM

Anyway, I meant it – I’ve had my make-up done umpteen times, at department store counters, by pro artists, on shoots and all over the place, but never have I had it done so quickly & so transformatively. And, best of all, I looked like a proper, natural but groomed version of me, as opposed to looking as if an enthusiastic teen had been let loose with the eyeshadow & blusher palettes either – which sadly happens at the counters belonging to, em, one of the larger, cosmetic companies.

And the most amazing part? An 30 minute appointment with magic fingered Edel at Laura Mercier costs just £20. And even better than that – IT’S FULLY REFUNDABLE AGAINST A PURCHASE. I mean how genius is that? You get to look as marvellous as is possible (obviously she can’t give one a face transplant) in a mere thirty minutes AND you get your money back in the form of a lovely new lipstick or two. If I actually lived in London – as opposed to pretending to live here – I’d be in every time I had a hot date or important meeting. (For £50 you get a full Monty makeup lesson for an hour.)

Edel Finn at Laura Mercier: 020 7893 8333

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You look very pretty in the ‘before’ picture too, silly! We women really do look at ourselves through distorted glasses, huh 🙂


beautiful porcelain skin, mashallah. no makeover reqd!. x shayma


And there I was racing through the ground floor menagerie that is Harrods’ beauty department yesterday evening in my desperate attempt to find lift/stairs/escalator/any way UP to the third floor (it took me a good 5 mins to achieve this, believe it or not I always get lost in Harrods, probably explains my aversion to it, plus I get very dizzy going round in circles)… Knew there was a reason I should have stopped and taken stock. Next time. Good tip.

Oh, and what’s on the third floor? The OSIM display area complete with hand-held massagers that either look like personal vibrators or alien cavemen clubs. Effective, no doubt, but I wanted the ‘in between’ model which of course they do not stock any more.

To massage my healing broken wrist of course, increase blood flow and help increase mobility. What were you thinking?



agree- I think I need to go there- you look lovely- beautiful lip colour


Oh my goodness, I was there yesterday, having my eyebrows done (after your recommendatiion) and they look amazing. I now have a fully framed face and the girl who did my brows was a sweetheart.


That is a good deal. I think you look lovely in both photos though.


I am so excited to go to Urban Retreat for my brows and now I have a new recommendation for someone to work their magic on me at Laura Mercier! Thanks. I also think you look beautiful in both photos!


You look lovely before too! Urban Retreat do amazing eyebrows… I went to Harvey Nichs recently and they do all manner of things to you…

tweet tweet tweet



Right, that’s it. This is going to be my pre-dinner spot in London from now on. I love, love, love Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser and base. I’ve been using it for ages and ages. And her barely visible light powder lives in my handbag.

Excellent recommendation, thank you LLG xx


Laura Mercier is the best. Make sure to visit Eva at the LM counter at Bergdorf’s next time you’re in NYC. She’s absolutely the best. Cheers!

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