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Although I consider myself pretty expert in most areas of clothing, I have to admit that pyjamas aren’t something I know much about. (I wriggle too much to wear them in bed.) However, lil’sis, who is often rather unwell because of the evil MS, is what I would call a world expert in pyjamas. She has shelves of them because she sleeps in them, lounges in them and, I’m pretty sure, goes to the shops in them if she thinks she can get away with it. After all, when you generally feel as though you’ve been hit by a truck, you want to be wearing the most comfortable clothing you possess.

When you are a world expert on pyjamas you know what’s important in a set:  they need to be extremely well-made – after all they’re going to get a lot of wear, resilient & fade proof – they’re gonna get washed a lot and  last, but not least, they’ve got to look very, very good if they are going to be your everyday wear.

Which is where LA’s Bedhead pyjamas come in. They kindly sent me a pair just before Christmas, which I, erm, re-gifted to lil’sis. Two months later she has reported back that they are by far the best quality pyjamas in her possession, certainly the prettiest, are made from a particularly silky & smooth 250 thread count sateen cotton that hasn’t faded & irons like a dream, (but isn’t necessary so to do), and that she fully expects them to last forever.  Which seems like a pretty good recommendation to me.

This is her pair:
Bedhead pyjamas kaleidescope
The entry level classic Kaleidoscope pyjama $138

But there are also double brushed flannel PJs, stretch PJs, shortie PJs, mens’ PJs, nightshirts &  a whole range of luxuriously beautiful Liberty of London Tana Lawn PJs. (One of which is top left.)

Bedhead designer Renee Claire designs all her pyjamas in-house, having grown her company independently. Manufacturing locally in LA, she’s created over 70 jobs & counting, and produces over 50,000 pairs of pjs a year. There’s a Bedhead store in West Hollywood, and they are sold in over 1,500 boutiques worldwide plus department stores including Neiman Marcus. She has also picked out three pairs of pretty pyjamas of which 20% of the purchase price will be donated to the Esperanza Community Housing Corporation in California. Impressive. I like this woman.*

When I first spoke to Bedhead they offered me a discount for LLG  readers, but I wanted to see if I really could recommend them before I went ahead & passed it on. Because lil’sis thinks these pyjamas are the cat’s mieow, and I believe her to be a world expert in pyjamas, I have agreed to offer my wonderful readers a not insubstantial 15% off any regular priced PJ. Just enter the discount code LIBERTY at checkout.

Sweet dreams my darlings.

*I also reeeeely like her publicist because she owns two adora-dachshunds,  Tucker (l) & Cooper (r), & we all know how this blog feels about dachshunds.


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I’m not one for pjs either, but my sister and mother love them. What great designs! And the ‘blonde’ dashcund is adorable!


Margarita: so true: you don’t have to wear them to be able to appreciate them LLGxx


I agree that these are wonderful pyjamas. I already have two pairs: flannel for winter and sateen for spring/fall.


Miss C: Yay! Love it when readers are already ahead of the game! LLGxx


Bedhead is about a mile down the street in West LA. I’ve always meant to stop in. Now I simply must!!


i am a big fan of PJ’s… i just love Peter Alexander and he has cuuute Dashcund designs as well, check them out:

Have a lovely day!


Just like Lisa Marie, I’m a big fan of Peter Alexander. PJs are wonderful. I really hope your lil sis is doing OK. My brother in law has MS and it’s very debilitating and frustrating. Have a wonderful day!!


Have finally reached the end after the past two weeks happily immersed in your archives, and what do I find is most recent post upon which I can comment? Pajamas! My most favourite clothing in the world – to the point where I come home from work and dive immediately into my PJs! My partner now knows to give me a heads up if anyone is at the door / coming to visit, as I will inevitably have to get changed out of my PJs and into ‘normal’ clothing. The Bedhead PJs look adorable – and oooh! They ship to Australia! How wonderful!

(On a related note, I adore your blog LLG, and have immensely enjoyed my time reading through your past posts, so thank you! I’m a little sad that I’ve reached the end, but will look forward to each new post with bated breath!)


I second Peter Alexander!!!
He also loves daschunds.
Definitely check him out.
A bedroom staple for all Aussie girls.


Thanks for this LLG.. I love PJ’s! And dogs 🙂 My current favourite PJ company is Hush – very good quality and funky designs and based in the UK I will deffo be checking out your recommendation though thanks! Sx


They look fantastic and I checked them out but sadly shipping abroad is $50. Of course that makes me want them even more but that’s a loooot for shipping. Boo. I love the kaleidoscope ones!


LLG–I was never one for pjs either but have been ill enough (I feel your sister’s truck) to give in this past winter. These are lovely & I’m seriously considering taking them up on their LLG reader offer. But I won’t have the funds until later this week or weekend. Was the offer only for yesterday? Or can you give an idea of how long it will last? It’s the only way I can really justify the expense. But I do need something for the spring/summer & I really love them. Thanks for the post anyway.(And yes, those dachsies are adorable. My cat wants to get one but unless she can walk up & down our walk-up for dog outings, I’m afraid I shall have to get my dachsund fox from LLG .


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