There has been some correspondence on both sides of the Atlantic, mourning the absence of Finchley the baby Basset Hound from LLG over the past three months.  (Finch & his older brother Max were key players on LLG in the second half of last year, when I stayed with their parents Y & GG in New Jersey.) Fortunately, les gars have kept me up to date with his activities. So, to assuage yr longings, here is Finch in Colt’s Neck, NJ during the December snowstorms.


IMG_0855 IMG_0866.

And here is Finch giving Maxou some Basset love:


And a month later in January l’enfant Finch is no longer a baby, and well  into his adolescence:


Here is Finch at three months, enjoying his favourite activity & here is some puppy p*rn

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How adorable….. plowing thru the snow….. dogs are the best treasures……..


Aw, I love these pictures! I adore the second one down where he’s burrowing a path through the snow with his little nose. The snow must be a bit scary for them. At least they’ve got their Aunty LLG to look out for them.


Up to his adorable (colt’s) neck in snow: too precious. I miss how my bulldogs would hop like bunnies and snort in snout-deep snow.


he’s tunneling through the snow! oh i love that breed to bits. napoleon, my corgi, has one and only best friend since puppyhood…samson, the basset. they are fantastic.

thank you for the heartwarming photos.



The first two pics of him in the snow are adorable! Also clicked on the puppy p*rn and nearly fell off my chair with the cuteness. I miss having a dog so much. My Mum’s just got a miniature Schnauzer (called Eddie) and I keep getting her to send me phone pics of him as I it satisfies my canine cravings somewhat!


Finchley Friday I’m in love- I could actually eat him up. Bassetts rock. Mine used to let me dress him up- but don’t try it at home kids- I think it was touch and go how funny he found it.


Awwww, he’s grown up!




Oh goodness, I just want a big snuggle and kiss.. We are about to commit to a foxhound border collie cross – could this be a mistake??!


Am I allowed to mention that there four videos of Finchley, with the the first at — the others can bee found by searching under “more from: libertylondongirl”.
I do love all of LLG’s videos. As usual, these pictures are great.

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