I promised that when Grazia came off news stand in the UK  I would post the big old interview that they did with  me in the London Fashion Week issue. Hattie Brett who had the job of interviewing me did a fantastic job of condensing well over an hour of my blather into a feature that, I hope, doesn’t sound like the ravings of a solipsistic idiot.

Of course, there are a few things that aren’t maybe as I would have stressed them, but there are no inaccuracies or errors, major or minor, over which I could have torn out my hair. Giving oneself up for press purposes is always a gamble, & I would like to thank all the lovely people over at Grazia, including editor Jane Bruton, for not taking the opportunity to make me look or sound like a complete twat. (You may, of course, differ in opinion, but do try not to be too mean in the comments.)


Although Posetta would like a word with whoever ran the image with her bottom to the camera. (And I wish that my lovely Bionda Castana shoes weren’t almost hidden by the flowers!)



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You look gorgeous!


I agree, that picture is amazing! I do wish the article was a little bit larger, I can almost read the whole thing but not quite. Very flattering, though.


Stunning pic – what beautiful hair! Look forward to reading.


So fantastic! You look wonderful (and so does Posetta!)


Again, well done! I agree about seeing the shoes though, those Bionda Castanas are my fave from their collection. Droool!


I really really enjoyed reading it when it came out, well done! All the best for the future!


This was the article which first alerted me to your blog. Been loving it these past few weeks! x


Eep! You look intimidatingly pretty. If I saw you in the street I think I would stare admiringly then blush and run away, feeling like an embarassed ragamuffin slob. And then I would probably run back and sneak Posetta into my purse to steal away all for myself. Congratulations and well done; I’m sure it took quite a bit of courage to ‘out’ yourself after being anonymous for so long 🙂


Hi LLG! Lovely to see you can now publish the article on your blog.

Thanks again for sending it through to me a few weeks ago – it was much appreciated, given it didn’t run in Australian Grazia!

All the best,
Poppy xox


too small, to read. Help needed.

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