chickpea avocado salad

Simple, easy food…I draw the line at ready meals, and processed food (beyond pulses, & the odd Pot Noodle when desperate), doesn’t appeal to me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t cook when I’m running around like a headless chicken. I set a limit of twenty minutes for prep & cooking, and it’s surprising how much you can make in that time frame.

This is the salad that I eat all year round with a few variations, & I reckon it comes in at under fifteen minutes. It’s wonderful in winter because the crunch of the onion & the sharp tang of the lemon juice con your senses that spring could be just around the corner.

Best of all, it has just four main ingredients: (Shown below is plenty for two as a main course lunch.)


Finely chop the red onion by making vertical slices, and then cutting across.


I then chop it some more:


Open the tin of chickpeas, rinse & drain. Peel and roughly dice the flesh of one avocado and mix it into the onion. Hands are good for this. Add the chickpeas to the avocado  & onions.


Slice up a 2″ chunk of halloumi


Cook it in a hot frying pan without any oil until it is browned on each side.


Chop it up into bite size pieces. I always cook more than I need for the salad as I tend to eat quite a lot en route…

Grilled haloumi

Add the cheese to the onion, chickpeas s & avocados, along with a good squeeze of lemon juice, crunchy Maldon salt, freshly ground black pepper, and a dash of good olive oil – preferably the herby, grassy Greek stuff. (In honour of Kiki.)

Serve with lettuce leaves and pitta bread for scooping.

chickpea avocado salad

Of course you could substitute pretty much any kind of cheese for the halloumi, but think about the contrast of textures. A vegan reader asked about marinated tofu in this recipe, and I don’t see why not so long as it is firm or pressed tofu.

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OMG That looks soooo good!!


So simple! I must make this, it looks delicious!


I must give this a try, looks like a quick and tasty lunch!


That looks absolutely delicious! It’s going on the menu for this week – the sun is shining again today so I’m all for a taste of spring.


That looks delicious will def try it


*swoon* – looks yum!! Girl after my own heart – simple, yum food. But, after a nasty operation and follow up treatment & rotten winter I have stalled……llg pulease post up more of your yum foods then you’ll just about be SuperLLG in my eyes! ;0) x


Oh yummy and love all the ingredients.
Also fyi your blog doesn’t seem to update on the blogger feed so thought you hadn’t been posting. I’m rubbish at any other gadgets so rely on the feed.


@makedostyle I posted about this the other day! You need to delete any old LLG feeds subscribed to before 15 Feb, & re-subscribe. For some ANNOYING reason none of my feeds will transfer to the new site.
So, this applies to RSS feeds through Google Reader or similar, email subs AND Blogger Follow/Google Friend Connect. Hope this helps, LLGxx


That looks SO YUMMY!


Just made it for my tea only one thing to say really – YUM absolutely delicious – just the pick me up needed after much debauched behaviour in the smoke last night and no sleep!


I’m going to try it. I’m loving halloumi at the moment. I might add a few tweaks though. I’m loving my halloumi with diced beetroot and a tiny shake of fresh red chilli. I think they’d go with all the above ingredients beautifully. Hmmmm. I’m hungry now.xx

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