For new readers to LLG, I thought it might be helpful to do a reprise of the dramatis personae that I ran last spring, along with some background info, as it can all get a bit confusing.

So. Usually I live in America. New York in the main, but LA too this year.  After working on an American magazine, I spent last year on sabbatical, and now back to being self-employed.

I travel A Lot. Last year, for example, I spent a good chunk of  time in California. I also spent some time in New Jersey with my wonderful friends Y& GG, along with Finchley & Max their scrumptious Basset Hounds (as featured in the LLG header). Later this year I am off to the Dominican Republic and to Australia. (I have a bad habit of jumping on planes at a day’s notice, so there will doubtless be more destinations to come.)

At the moment I am in England, partly because my parents are in the middle of a divorce that makes The War of the Roses look sensible, & partly to do work stuff.

My mother lives in Northamptonshire with lots of animals (see below) and I am spending most of my time in a studio flat attached to the family home, whilst I write & help clear out twenty-five years worth of junk from the attics. I hope to be back in America within the month.

I have one beloved sister, lil’sis, who lives in London with Posetta Baddog.  She has MS, about which she is very brave. Most of my friends are in London too, as that is where I lived for ten years before hopping it to New York.

This is Posetta Baddog. (AKA Ratbag, Chorizo. Real name: Rosebud) Miniature wire-haired dachshund. Came to us from Dachsie Rescue as a very damaged little dog. In four years has discovered her inner puppy, and no longer bites everybody. Well, not everyone. Partic fond of licking out ice cream cartons & stealing jellybabies
miniature wire hair dachshund

We love our animals. At my mother’s house reside the following:

Mr. Bilbo Baggins. Also known as Billy, Bilton & ASBO. Blue whippet. Hasn’t quite worked out that he’s not still a puppy, likes to climb the back of the sofa to drape himself around our necks. (This is known as ‘doing a dog boa’.)

whippetMaudie Littlehampton (because she has a very long nose as did the original ML, a character in a 1930’s cartoon.) Also known as Miss Moo & Maudiepops. Jack Russell Terrier. Make no mistake: She’s in charge. The grande dame of our family. Has us all under her thumb.

Jack RussellTiger. More usually known as Iggy (My fault: I named her IggyWiggyTiggyWiggy). She’s a Maine Coon with the furriest knickerbockers & loo brush tail I’ve ever seen on a cat. She’s ace and has supercilious down to a tee. Don’t believe me? The proof:

Maine Coon

Top photo: LLG self-portrait in the Hollywood Hills, May 2009

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WOW at the Super Furry Animal in the last pic.

Looking at all these makes me want to read One Hundred and One Dalmatians again, though. I remember when you posted about Violet having her accident- that was so sad.


LLG – when are you back west? Miss Whistle and I should host cocktails in honor of your triumphant return!


I featured some images and quoted from your post on Lene Vibe Dahlgren today.
Love her work, love your blog; amusing, well written, great ideas, great images; Merci.


Iggy does indeed have supercilious down. What a gorgeous creature!


Is that the first LLG photo ever????


The dogs are gorgeous! But Iggy makes me cry. She looks like a lighter version of a mixed Maine Coon/tortoiseshell cat that I loved/miss very very much. Maine Coons are the bestest ever.


Loving Iggy – bet she takes some tangle combing though! We had two cats like her when I was a child and they would come back from the fields with all manner of delights matted into thier long fur!


Ooh, thanks for the lowdown! I like being nosey about people’s lives 🙂
What an awesome menagerie you and your family have. I want a Dachsund. Yours sounds absolutely adorable!


LOVE your animal reveal! The names, nicknames and general pet-ness of this post is fantastic x


Oh, the deliciousness of those faces and names! How can you bear to leave them?

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