I see a lot of shoes in my job. Most of them toeing the same old line. But occasionally I rouse myself from a fashion-induced stupor and realise I am looking at something that manages to reinvent the wheel.


There’s an implicit sense of humour in Michael Lewis’ shoe designs, allied with an understanding that women want individuality in their footwear whilst still being able to walk further than cab door to cocktail bar.


After all the Millennial woman knows that she is not going to be relying on a man to support her – physically or fiscally.


What appeals most about Michael Lewis’ designs is that they are recognisably his, and his alone. The new wave of shoe designers have been particularly good at forging a personal footwear identity: Nick Kirkwood, Camilla Skovgaard & now Michael Lewis all have eponymous lines that speak of rigorous training and a very clear personal aesthetic.


In Lewis’ case you can understand his desire to start a line with his own distinct imprimateur, after fifteen years working for fashion’s superstar names: Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford at Gucci & Christopher Bailey at Burberry. This season, SS/10, he snagged NewGen sponsorship from the British Fashion Council, supported by Topshop, and he managed it again for AW/10, from which the images above are taken.

Check out his website for the SS/09 collection & a full stockists list. (Unsurprisingly he’s stocked at Dover Street Market in London. But,  *jawdrop* no Manhattan stockist as yet. NYC Buyers snap out of it.)

More AW/10 images here


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Lucky lady! You rock my world, Im a huge Michael Lewis fan! Lucky Lucky Lucky! x


These Michael Lewis shoes are lovely, just beautiful. I love the Back/White and the Black/Gold especially.

I like, also, the thick bit attached to the bottom of some of the stiletto heels. In general, I’ve been hoping for thicker heels to come back into fashion. Better balance.

As for Camilla Skovgaard shoes. Apart from the weird sole, I really don’t like that they are Made in China, yet cost $500. Perhaps someone in-the-know about current labor conditions and salaries in China can tell me off for my outdated prejudice.


Wow like these, hadn’t seen before, thanks for pointing them out! I LOVE Nick Kirkwood… Was looking at the Rodarte shoes at the exhibition in London this week. Also, didn’t know Skovgaard were made in China – food for thought!



Gosh, I love the pair second from the bottom, with the suede (I think it’s suede) toe cap.

Have you tried them on LLG? Are they reasonably ok to walk in?



Oooh I’m loving the shoe-boots on the top shelf x


Oh my, these are stunning! Very Kirkwood-esque. Must go and try them on.

Thanks for the tip LLG

Miss B xx



I had no idea who M Lewis was- these shoes are so, so utterly beautiful. how gorgeous. sigh. x shayma


The Camilla Skovgaard shoes are made in China by the same manufacturers that produce the footwear for LVMH. The above notion that this is a bad thing is very outdated and can be damaging to the designers who produce there. The standards at these factories are of the highest degree and the reasons for producing in China are more for their ability to deliver at the correct dates while maintaining the level of quality that is needed, something which very often can not be said for manufacturers in Italy.


Every girl needs a bit of Michael Lewis in her life! he’s the Manolo Blahnik of 2011…….

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