Talk to any Dane in the fashion industry about Copenhagen’s hotels and they will shrug their shoulders and say that there isn’t anywhere really excellent. Then they will ask where you are staying and when you say Petri, they say of course, as if to stay anywhere else would be a redundant gesture.

First Hotel Petri is the only Danish member of the Design Hotels Group and it has all their trademarks: soaring atrium, good-looking black clad staff, challenging artwork in the public spaces and glossy fashion magazines in the bedrooms.

On arrival I was upgraded to a large room, which did make me wonder just how small a standard room must be. I certainly didn’t feel any extravagant use of space, although I appreciated the crisp white linens, fluffy pillows, French windows to the bathroom, double basins and the separate loo. Oh and the always lovely REN toiletries which were replaced each morning, regardless of use.

Petri hosts plenty of Copenhagen Fashion Week events in its public spaces, (hotel guests are welcome to attend even the private parties), and certainly the attendees embrace Fashion Week with a fervor bordering on hysteria, if the collapsed bodies in the atrium and broken glass in the elevators on the Saturday night were anything to go by.

Where the hotel falls down is in the little things. Whilst every person I met, from the mini-bar re-stocking guy to the chambermaids were chirpy and friendly, and the front desk helpful beyond the call of duty (providing me with two international adaptors, a dozen extra coat hangers, toothpaste and a cloud of cotton wool in my room within minutes of calling – thank you Patrick), most of them lacked attention to detail.

The staff in Café Rouge were charming amnesiacs: it shouldn’t take over an hour to produce a club sandwich and soggy fried potatoes, housekeeping wafted through my room, neither cleaning nor tidying it properly and the broken glass all over the fifth floor elevators at 2am was still there at 9am.

There were no drawers for underwear and sweaters – I ended up using magazine boxes for  tights, and the desk minibar trays for cables & jewellery. Which led to a charge of £35 after departure for the mini bar. (When I called Denmark a few days later they immediately refunded the money to my card.)

Those quibbles  aside, the hotel feels as though it is in the centre of whatever fashionable Copenhagen is getting up to. Just don’t stay here if your perfect hotel attributes include a calm, discreet atmosphere & plenty of clothing storage space.



LLG was a guest of Georg Jensen in Copenhagen, who arranged and paid for her stay at First Hotel Skt. Petri

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Even for a European hotel, that looks really tiny!


The regular rooms must be one step away from those Japanese sleeping pods in capsule hotels. However, Ren toiletries would somewhat make up for this size issue!

LLG, REN Rose Synergy O12 serum is an amazing product that I’ve been using all winter, and the Moroccan Rose Otto bath gel has that slightly bitter rose otto edge that smells as if it is part rose, part geranium. Love this line!




I remember noticing this hotel when we were looking for somewhere to stay a few years back for my birthday. We ended up staying in The Avenue Hotel and it was brilliant so I’d suggest that for when/if you return. I really couldn’t fault it. It is on a main road but you really can’t hear anything anyway. It’s right on the border of Norrebro which I found to be a charming area.


So. How is one supposed to address you rightly now? LLG? Sasha? Mrs W? Your Blogness?
Anyway, I seem to have troubles with your new feed. Am I the only one?


I spent 7 yrs backpacking on hardly any money and believed that the experience you have staying in small, family-run pensions and the like is much better than the homogeneity of fancy hotels. Now that I actually have the money to stay in nice places, I do appreciate the fabulous beds, sheets, towels, privacy, bathroom products and so on…but still, I have found that I go to sleep and wake up 300+ dollars lighter, and it doesn’t seem worth it. I’m usually accused of being overly extravagant (restaurants, shoes, clothes…etc) but paying for good hotels is something I can’t justify to myself, so I usually look for cheaper places that are just a notch or two above what I stayed in when I had no money. Is that bad? Am I a skinflint in expensive clothes?


I seem to recall Paris being one of the worst for room sizes (if you’re on a budget like I was). This place looks like a good contender though.
Easiest way of getting round the room was just jumping on or over the bed as opposed to shimmying (is that a word?) round the bed flat up against the wall.

Thanks for posting an honest review. With some hotel review websites you get the feeling people are just scare-mongering “worst hotel ever- wouldn’t let rats stay in my room!”


@AnneMarie, I usually skimp on hotels as well, since I think the whole the point is to never be spending too much time in them. As long as there’s a bed and it’s clean and safe, I would rather save the money so I can buy “souvenirs” aka local boutique shopping.


This is what they call Copenhagen’s 5 star hotel. It is only hype and I would not recommend it for anyone. For fashion week, better to stay in boutique hotels although perhaps not as central.

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