This, this I never thought I would see. Besides outing oneself in Grazia, you can’t get much more public than trotting around fashion week with a pass and a collection of front row seats (&  for a reality check some so  far back there was a better view on

My day started at 0645hrs as the dachshund jumped on my head, as I slept fitfully on the sofa at my sister’s house. I’m sure Anna Wintour doesn’t have these issues.

When Daniel, my driver (those four words bring much joy to my heart), arrived at the allotted hour, I was standing, coat-less in the street, hair unbrushed, shoes unbuckled, with arms full of clothes, tights, snacks and other stuff I was ferreting out of the boot of my car, as Posetta made a break for freedom out the front door.

I suspect Daniel has seen it all before, as he raised not an eyebrow and waited patiently for me to reappear, this time with cape on, shoes fastened, minus dog and other accoutrements.

Exhibit a: The car:


After collecting Kiki, we headed to Paul Costello


and then on through the rest of the schedule, driven to and fro by the saintly Daniel. Who didn’t bat an eyelid as I filled the car each trip with an assortment of splendid bloggers.

All of which I will write up properly when I retrieve my sodding camera cable from where I left it last. (These images are courtesy of my Blackberry.)

I have ended the day in the warm embrace of my beloved Malmaison hotel in Clerkenwell. (Yes, I spend too much time in Malmaison hotels. But you would too if you could.  They are ace.)

I’ve had about four hours sleep a night for the past ten days (Grazia shoot, Copenhagen Fashion Week, Grazia on news stand, last minute website build & launch) and, as I am generally known for my dormouse tendencies, this is not ideal. So, to be greeted by this tranquility, a mere 10 minutes from the show venue at Somerset House,


and then this


made me weep tears of gratitude to the Malmaison for putting up this very weary & temporarily homeless fashion editor.

Daniel is picking me up at 0830hrs for the Daks show. It’s now 1am, so I must go to bed if there is any chance of staying compos mentis tomorrow.

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cool =) i want to go to lfw too. I wish you a lot of fun on it.

love yellow general


That hotel room looks AMAZING!! Really happy to follow your adventures at LFW 🙂


It’s so civilized and there is nothing like settling into the warmth and comfort of a car; even in London, taxis tend to disappear in the rain. It seems so incredibly organized, far more manageable than random hotel shows, random showrooms (especially the ones that keep you out if a Royal is inside) and desperate hunts for more Polaroid film. Nothing is as exciting as British fashion, even when they’ve had to do it Paris.

The new blog is wonderful and worth it.


Wow you were very busy yesterday!


I must say… I love reading your posts! I am insanely jealous (in a good way!) at all the wonderful things you get to do! So please carry on… Your blog brightens my dreary Pacific Northwest evenings.

(All meant in the most non-creepy way possible!)

And I agree completely with you about the Bionda Castana heels. Sublime!


I turn my back for one week and you’ve gone all “Sasha Wilkins” on me. Just tell me this: can I still make you spit your coffee, LLG? Seriously, I’m happy for you. Must be scary though.


I’ve just found your blog through Grazia magazine and it absolutely rawks. As an Independent Designer living in Ireland I oogled through your pages in envy. You bring a taste of that world into my day too. x

Keep up the fabulous work!


Just saw and consequently read your article in Grazia love it, this is amazing.
have an incredible time



Hi Sasha, just read the Grazia interview (I stumbled across the issue purely because it had Alexander McQueen and Lady GaGa on the front), and my hat off to you. Just like Brooke, your blog is an inspiration to read.

Thank you for that, and good luck in the future. I think it’s brilliant! 🙂


Love the new site. Enjoy LFW!

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