As I hunted for the Acne studio in Copenhagen (far too achingly hip to have anything as helpful as a door sign or number), I overshot and, as I peered intently at the next doorway, I realised I was looking into the windows of a jeweller.

And what a jeweller. Lene Vibe Dahlgren, who sells her work under the name Vibes, has just opened a new store in Copenhagen, from where she and her assistant produce delicate & imaginative pieces from the studio in the back of the shop.

The piece that originally caught my eye and had me ringing the doorbell for entry was their pair of baroque pearl earrings with tiny gold snails inching across the top.


The animal & insect motif continues into other pieces including this thoughtfully designed bracelet, made to fit organically around your wrist, and be worn slipped under your sleeves.


And there’s this lovely insect bracelet too:


As I discovered when I toured the Georg Jensen silver smithy, many of Denmark’s gold & silversmiths undertake the Georg Jensen four year apprenticeship programme and Dahlgren is no exception, having spent seven years there, before starting up her own line.

Many of Dahlgren’s pieces look to nature,  and often use the organic lines of baroque pearls to inform and shape her work.

There’s a fabulous sense of humour in her pieces,  and all of it stands close examination, with much of its complexity only becoming evident close up.


She’s sold in New York at Fragments, and will shortly be returning to London’s best independent jeweller, EC One.

Copenhagen: Rohrmann & Vibe
Chr. IX Gade 5, 111 Copenhagen K. Tel: +45 33 23 20 10

Photographs: LLG

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I am utterly lust struck- the moonstone ring is stunning. Also that candelabra is incredible- does she make those or do you think that is some other fabulous Danish craftsperson?


Beautiful. And not a stud, crucifix or fang in sight, thank god.


I enjoy reading your blog 🙂


What a find, I love this! The slug bug on the bracelet is brilliant.


Love the insect bracelet, do you know how much it is?


Oh… Vibe is my biggest inspiration when creating jewelry! He pieces are even more stunning in real life… very biomorph and with the most wonderful humor 🙂 Check out more pictures at her official site here: or her less official page (but with more pictures) here:


Btw: Either she created that candelabra herself or it could possibly have been made by another Danish multi-artist called Tage Andersen. Picture Google him or take a quick look here:
His studio is found not far from Vibes by the way, in a wonderful area of Copenhagen, close to the castles where all houses are old and most shops are very special indeed.


Phantasteria as far as i know Tage Andersen is in relation with Lene.

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