Hello internets

Firstly, I must apologise for that little break in blogging Due to my ability to run up bills with many zeros on the end, I specifically signed up for a US Blackberry plan that doesn’t allow international calls/email/Tweeting/Facebook/blogging and all the other apps with which I joyfully fill my days.

Whilst this is healthy for my bank balance, it is crap for staying up to date. And, given that the last three days have been something along the lines of: breakfast meeting, meeting, meeting, lunch meeting, meeting, meeting, meeting, drink meeting, supper interspersed with bus, car, tube, sprint, hobble in heels, totter, wobble, fall down stairs, asthmatic wheezing, crap I’m late again, there’s not been an enormous amount of time for getting on-line. And, when I could, my wi-fi failed me miserably and I spent my valuable spare minutes stabbing at the keyboard & swearing with non-blogging related frustration.

I promise that this will be the last time this happens. There are shiny, exciting things for LLG on the horizon and they involve lots more posting, and lots more interactivity. They might even involve me getting a UK smartphone for when I am over here, so I can engage with all of the above activities in a timely, sophisticated and non-falling over manner.

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DON'T APOLOGIZE! it's your blog and you can update whenever you damn well please. we'll be here on the other end, patiently waiting ♥


No apologies needed, LLG.


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