Which keeps sitting in the very small gap between me & my laptop as I frantically bang out proposals, copy and interview answers…

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Dear LLG,
I was listening to Jermey Vine earlier and he was discussing whether or not animals can grieve and do they sense when something is wrong with their beloved owner. The jury was very much divided, but I would say your feline friend may just be checking that all is well..


I used to have a cat like that – she was called Tosca and she would do JUST that… Our other cat, Curdy, would also do that, with the downside that if you were doing anything with your hands she'd take a pissed-off swipe at them every now and again. And if you were eating Weetabix she'd stick her face in the bowl and have a nibble. All true.


Ahhh, what unusual markings!


Thought our oversize fluffy Norwegian Forest kitten was the cutest ever but your cat is adorable. Watch out though – I've just had to order a new phone charger after kitten ate through cord (luckily not plugged on!) Love your blog. Found you via Kirsty Allsopp twitter. Lissa, Peak Princess


She (he?) is just making sure to be at hand for any copyediting, etc. needed to be done. Very cute puddy.



Its great to have an assistant, right? 😉 I know my little angoras are the best assistants ever, well, aside from the wool, spilling coffee, and actually somehow deleting a paper once, they are fabulous! Happy day to you sweetie, hope things are going better!

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