Fashion buzzword bingo

Fed up with hackneyed phrases creeping into the fashion copy you read? Then play Buzzword Bingo. Any line of five words diagonal or straight wins you the ‘I can spot a cliché at a hundred paces’ prize.

With grateful thanks to the inimitable Sister Wolf who created, & allowed me to lift, this original Buzzword Bingo from her blog Godammit I’m Mad If you want to create your own, head here

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oh my goodness… this made me laugh so hard. its so true! alot of these phrases are overused within the fashion and blogging world. 🙂


hahahaha… she forgot to add the "I Die" phrase. Every time I see it I envision them really dropping dead. But then they post again and I am left disappointed.


This was one of Sister Wolf's many moments of genius.


This has MADE my Monday. In fact, I htink it might be my fave blog post OF ALL TIME. As you know, I HATE fashion jargon. I must add:
– owning a look
– "rocking" something
– "working" a look
– "fashion forward"
– having a "moment"
– and, sadly, even the word vintage is getting a little tarnished.

And – bringing me back to your fashion blog question – the REASON I like LLG is that it isn't larded with such chundersome bollocks. Your writing is clear, spare and timeless – exactly like true style.


One word…



What no "bang on trend"?


Ha ha, GUILTY!!


UM, is this BALMAIN blazer not the most RIDICULOUS thing you've ever seen? Rock it with some SKINNY leather leggings for total FIERCE effect. FUCK YEAH.

(I already had the full-line/Bingo!moment in the bag before I said FUCK YEAH, but I really wanted to say FUCK YEAH– it would not have felt complete without it)


Isn't it brilliant?! Glad you all like as much as I did.

And Cassandra, my dearest, darling girl, I'm liking 'spare', 'clear' & 'timeless'. Can you be my official timeleader please?



I’d like to add:

which I just cannot stand to read anymore. Please ladies invest in your pension plans not a hand bag.

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