LLG’s nomination for Best Fashion Blog at the 2010 Bloggies has led to some discussion as to whether LLG IS a fashion blog or something else entirely…

Granted, my being a fashion editor in the real word or slapping that job title across the blog header doesn’t automatically make this a fashion blog.

I hadn’t read any other blogs, let alone fashion ones, when I started writing LLG back in the autumn of 2006. Back then there was no list of famous bloggers to emulate, no template for what a fashion blog should be.

But I had read about Belle du Jour in the newspapers, and liked the idea of an anonymous place where I could write about the things in which I was interested, and for which I didn’t always have an outlet as a print and broadcast journalist.

That’s why you don’t see endless images from runway shows lifted from style.com, pictures of me in my daily outfits or commentaries on celebrity fashion on here. And, if you think those things are vital to a fashion blog then no, that’s not what this is.

I have loved fashion, clothes & costume since I was about two years old, if my earliest memory is correct. (Admiring my plastic sandals with large daisies on the toes). My primary school exercise books are filled with drawings of wonderful outfits, (I bet King John signing the Magna Carta didn’t wear anything half as glorious as the outfit I designed for him in my history notes aged 7), and that passionate interest in my wardrobe & in what everyone has worn or is wearing has stayed with me all these years, matched equally by my interest in food, interiors, technology, travel, museums, architecture, lipstick, dachshunds, books, cars, countryside, art, gardening and well, everything that surrounds me.

So, the wide ranging content of this blog is a reflection of that voracious curiosity about the world, which daily influences my work as a fashion editor and writer.

And that’s why I believe that I can call this a fashion blog. Because fashion doesn’t exist in a vacuum. And neither do I.

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I consider LLG a fashion blog. The reason why I love your blog is because you don't pigonhole yourself into one sterotype of what a blog should be.


Maybe it's a lifestyle blog – all encompassing.
It's not like you ONLY wear clothes and look at clothes and shop for clothes. You live your life while appreciating and wearing clothes.


Oh yes. LLG is completely a fashion blog. You had me on a black flowery pin and then the wry, cozy commentary. But when in doubt, there's Chanel's quote …

Fashion passes, style remains.

Fashion is not simply a matter of clothes. Fashion is in the air, born upon the wind. One intuits it. It is in the sky and on the road.

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.

(well, they all fit, really they do)


I'm with you. I think LLG is a fashion blog. There's sufficient nexus because you clearly love clothes and fashion. Frankly I think your love of dogs, food, travel and nostalgic photos of your relations can happily coexist with your interest in Fashion.


Well said, but wait, who said this wasn't a fashion blog?

The one thing that makes this NOT A FASHION BLOG is that so many of the other blogs that beggar that moniker are shite while yours is not shite. See? Confusing.


I was told once that I wasn't a fashion blog because I also wrote book reviews.


I couldn't agree more, Fashion is a lifestyle, it is in everything we do. Even those who say that they are 'not into fashion' are, albeit something even unfashionable.


Blogs shouldn't be limited to genre.

You should be able to love fashion but still have a LIFE outside it and write other things!!


A perfectly written discussion piece. LLG is a fashion blog. Fashion isn't just about clothes, its about style, cultural fashion, an element of time – what is "in fashion" as you write
Keep up the good work


Fashion is like art it reflects life and your blog certainly does that.

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