My mother is going to throttle me when she finds out that each time I’ve washed my hair in her bathroom I’ve been using her Philip Kingsley Moisture Balancing Conditioner. It was the first bottle I pulled out from the cupboard: how was I to know it was her special occasion conditioner? Thing is I haven’t been able to resist slathering it on: it’s quite simply the best conditioner I’ve used in years.

Philip Kingsley Moisture Balancing Conditioner

My hair is silky soft, super shiny and light as a feather without feeling like I’ve been pouring silicone all over it. Even without using a hairdryer, it’s the nearest I’ve come to feeling like I’ve just left a salon. Although I’ve always been a bit cynical about expensive shampoos & conditioners, I think this is worth every single penny.

Philip Kingsley Moisture Balancing Conditioner is available in the UK here & in the US here

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Hopefully you mother doesn't read your blog, but I imagine she does.


I used Philip Kingsley before my wedding and it made my hair lovely so I completely agree!


I love Philip Kingsley products, although now they seem such a luxury. Funny how things change.

Helena xx


Have just ordered some, hope you are on commission. Loved the piece on lingerie models too. Makes you realise just how quickly the accepted norm can morph.


After seeing your post I ordered some Philip Kingsley conditioner which arrived yesterday. Oh my goodness…my hair has never felt so soft. Have hidden it away from marauding daughters….it's mine. All mine. Thanks for the tip off.

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