2010 Bloggies
I’m not going to be your typical fashion editor, pretending to be unmoved by the news that I have been shortlisted for an award. In this case, Best Fashion Blog at the 2010 Bloggies.


Anyway, blasĂ© is so last year dahling….

It turns out that I am keeping rather rarified company, for amongst the five finalists are The Sartorialist and New York Magazine’s The Cut blog. For an indie like LLG, supported only by hot air & elbow grease, to be up there with the famous pro-bloggers is both unexpected and exciting.

God I love you all, my lovely readers. Thank you so very, very much for coming along every day to read & engage with the blog, and for bothering to nominate LLG. If you can, I’d be extremely grateful if some of you would hop along to the Bloggies site to vote for me in the finals. And, of course, for the wonderful finalists in the other categories.


(I’m particularly pleased to see an industry compatriot, British Beauty Blogger, up for Best Topical Blog – and thank you love for tweeting your support for LLG too!)

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congrats. totally voted 🙂


Good for you! I've just gone to vote…


congrats on be a finalist for best fashion blog, that is such a huge honor! i really hope you win, good luck! 🙂


Good on you, girl! *Sniff* I'm so proud.


I've already voted, you thoroughly deserve the accolade. x


ooooh congratulations!

It's kind of strange to think of you up there with those heavyweights (even though you are obviously brilliant and WAY BETTER than them) because i've come to think of you as my special imaginary friend….i'm sure lots of your readers feel the same way, which probably has a lot to do with the unique appeal of your blog.


congratulations! and yes will vote again of course x


Hi LLG. Sorry, long time no comment but still read your every post, which I get by mail. It keeps me in touch with all things glamorous. Congratulations on the nomination. I was a former finalist and it's FABULOUS. So well done!

Keep going with the blog – I love it – and, of course, I TOTALLY adore all the dog-related updates, too. The latest pics are scrummy; PB looks beyond cute.

Hope the house unpacking isn't too painful; divorce is tough, tough, tough.

Just wanted to say hello (not really a comment) and congrats. You deserve your success.

Big kiss from an avid reader.



Darling, you represent everything wonderful, pleasant and down to earth about blogs. I have never commented here before, not have I ever even voted for the awards, but I so like your blog that I did.


Congrats, well deserved LLG!

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