People are coming to my mother’s house later on today to shoot me. No, I am not the subject of a mafia hit. They are taking my portrait to accompany a magazine feature I am writing.

As you may know from reading LLG, I have been on a sabbatical from magazine editing for just over a year now, so I’ve got out of the habit of being in front of a camera. Not that I enjoyed it in the first place.

It’s just that in New York, if your job title has the words ‘executive’ and ‘fashion’ and ‘editor’ in it, you only have to stick your head into a glossy party or launch and they start shoving you in front of the cameras. Magazine editors in Manhattan have a way higher profile than they do in London. Poisoned chalice, if you ask me.

The only plus point is that, having seen multiple hideous pose & grin photographs of me, I now know my best camera angles. (Left side profile only, sideways glance, body twist if you’re asking.) My London friends think it’s hilarious (the British do not care about such things as a rule) that I now automatically adopt said angle when a camera is in range. Net result: I look like a complete poseur in pictures taken over here when everyone else looks lovely & normal

camera angles

Guess which person is confusing her godson’s christening photographer with a fashion party snapper?

Anyway back to today. Although I kind of have my head around being in front of street snappers & party photographers, sitting for a proper portrait is not something I have to do that often.

I spent four or so years producing fashion and photographic shoots all round the world. Then I became a stylist, and a magazine editor. So the idea of being on a shoot and not either producing or styling it is most odd. Although I am rather luxuriating in the knowledge that my only responsibility is to get dressed in the morning.

Except. The editor said, ‘No black please, it’s coming out in the spring.’


This is my rail:


I do wear colour sometimes, I promise: in the summer I am a veritable rainbow. But this is England in January. It requires black & shades of mud. All my rainbow clothes are in Manhattan. At this rate I’ll be wearing something of my mother’s with a bulldog clip round the back.

Good thing I unearthed my prop kit at the back of a cupboard the other day.

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I hate having my picture taken as well. Good luck with the shoot! 🙂


Har! The christening pic is funny! (nice navy dress and sandals though!)


I suppose tomorrow will be a sartorial challenge for you! I don't doubt that you will rise to the colourful occasion admirably.

Enjoy it!

Poppy xox


haha i'm like that too. as a photographer i learned quite fast what my best angles were. i'm a left sider slightly angled towards the right myself. people make fun of me all the time because of it. but i only like pictures of myself taken that way so i don't care too much. 🙂


I'm a right side, twisted body, one leg way out in front kind of girl. Sometimes my head tilts a little too much. But I'm not an editor for a magazine. lol


I hate having my picture taken but being photographed by professionals sounds better- and you know all the angles! Know what you mean about black, also bet everyone doing the shoot turns up in head to toe black.


Good luck with the shoot! Guess good excuse to go shopping isn't it?!



Wink at the camera so I know it's you.


I detest it as well & have had to have it done upon occasion. Not too long ago I begged, sniveled in fact, to a photographer to please, please, please try to do something about not-to-be-permanent weight gain in face. She twisted me around (sitting) in a cafe like a pretzel. Then we floofed my cape around me like I was going to rise from it as Venus from the froth. I still can't look at it. Thank god the feature was edited down (as I knew it would be but still…). The best part was that there was an up close shot of my hand on a cafe cup of espresso. Now, THAT was lovely.

Yes, nice dress & sandals…:)



thats pretty neat that you are doing a shoot, although it does sound like a bit of a hassel having to deal with it all. i am sure you will be fine though, good luck! 🙂

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