Who says men are the music geeks? After attending my first ever gig – Transvision Vamp at Folkestone Leas Cliffe Hall if you are interested, and experiencing the twin joys of the mosh pit and cute boys in skinny jeans, I went through a stage in my early teens where if I couldn’t buy a track as a limited pressing white label 12″, preferably on Sarah Records, or Creation I was, like, so uninterested.

Fortunately I calmed down a bit a few years later and only needed a band to be in the NME…which explains part, but not all of my obsession with Pop Will eat Itself, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, The Wonderstuff, The Sandkings et al…

I found a box of gig tickets in the attic this week and it all came flooding back. The tiny venues, the PWEI Pepsi rip off logo, sitting on the floor at the James gig…kissing a boy I was madly in love with at Carter (but not realising it at the time)…

I’m even in the Carter video shot at the gig at Brixton Academy. That was the same summer I saw them play at Reading too. (The summer before was The Pixies at Reading.) Blissful salad days.

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How fantastic to find these and the memories that come attached to them !


Can you believe it but I too went to see Carter and James when you did!!
I met the girls father at a Carter gig on at the Venue, and some one from Pop will eat itself signed my birthday T shirt.
We all wore that uniform of gig T shirt over long sleeved T shirt over boyfriend trousers, oh heady days and thanks for the memory.


the wedding present and james! i went to visit my cousin at warwick a few years ago at 'top banana' (the weekly get together/party in their student union) and when Sit Down came on i went absolutely MAD and my cousin LOVED it bec i was being all "grown-up" till that song came on. xx


Only just spotted this post, the Harper’s one led me to it. You had great taste back then, what music are you into now? x

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