Who says men are the music geeks? After attending my first ever gig – Transvision Vamp at Folkestone Leas Cliffe Hall if you are interested, and experiencing the twin joys of the mosh pit and cute boys in skinny jeans, I went through a stage in my early teens where if I couldn’t buy a track as a limited pressing white label 12″, preferably on Sarah Records, or Creation I was, like, so uninterested.

Fortunately I calmed down a bit a few years later and only needed a band to be in the NME…which explains part, but not all of my obsession with Pop Will eat Itself, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, The Wonderstuff, The Sandkings et al…

I found a box of gig tickets in the attic this week and it all came flooding back. The tiny venues, the PWEI Pepsi rip off logo, sitting on the floor at the James gig…kissing a boy I was madly in love with at Carter (but not realising it at the time)…

I’m even in the Carter video shot at the gig at Brixton Academy. That was the same summer I saw them play at Reading too. (The summer before was The Pixies at Reading.) Blissful salad days.

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Wow, that is quite a claim to fame! (All of it actually, but I was thinking first of the video!)

My first gig was Nirvana in 1992. I was 15. It was awful– a bad combo of massive venue, jetlagged and already jaded (it was post-Nevermind) band members, and then me, drunk on cheap cider and thinking, is this IT? Really? This is a Rock Concert?

I had better experiences after that though!


Ah, nostalgia! Yes I'm with you on the 12" white labels. I know some people here in the US who have a child called Carter and I find it very hard not to share with them my mental association with Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine and ask them if they think their boy will grow into his namesake?
Wham? Pcha! It's only now that I like it, cheeseball that I am..


Music has been creeping into my blog a bit recently, though I'm a bit older than you – so I'm worried that I'm turning into an ageing rock chick! I wish I'd kept all my old tickets for posterity, I did have an old New Order poster, which suddenly appeared on my brother's apartment wall in Manhattan! 'I knew you wouldn't mind,' he said….


I love this post ! So great !


Hee hee! We tweeted about this yesterday… (I loved the Wedding Present, too.) I also saw Carter USM at the Hull Tower ballroom, and they signed my ticket. And Ned's Atomic Dustbin at the Hull Adelphi, The Fall, The Wonder Stuff, James, Kingmaker (supported by Radiohead), Sonic Youth, Pavement (were my absolute faves), let's not forget Teenage Fanclub…Oh, the Pixies…

Ahh, the fun.


that's so cool. Though I hoard clothes I never started properly with tickets- I keep some really special ones- whether because the band/ artist is very close to my heart/ I had an amazing time or there was a personal memory.

Problem is I put them in places and don't always remember. I used lots as book marks- it's cute to open a book and find a reminder of a great gig or play.

I've thrown lots away in bursts of de cluttering over the years and wish I hadn't. I like to hoard things that mean something- it makes me feel better!


As mentioned on Twitter I was at that very Wedding Present gig, but also a number of the others too including The Wonder Stuff & Carter at Brixton & Cranes at The Junction. We probably bumped into each other numerous times without realising it – weird!


OH! you saw Airhead! I LOVED them + no-one else in the world has ever heard of them, only me + my friend Andy Findlay. Funny how the girls you fall in love with never fancy you.


Yep I remember those days and those gigs! PWEI, Neds, Carter, Kingmaker, Teenage Fan Club (who I loved!), Ride, the Fall, I could go on and on and on! The early 90's was my golden age of music as I like to call it. Not that it was particular great music but it was during my mad teenage years – ahh nostalgia!


Ha. I was in the UK from 1990-1991. It was a magical time, musically, and influenced my musical tastes permanently. I still regret not going to the Hacienda in its waning days (we were told that drug dealers ran the place,and to not bother).

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