Celtic Sheepskin boots interior

Until I moved to New York, I thought a British winter was cold. Then I discovered -15C + windchill in Manhattan and knew I had been labouring under a mammoth-sized delusion. (Of course friends from places like Minnesota laugh drily. They really know about cold & snow there.)

I quickly put together an NYC cold weather wardrobe, but I still always have cold feet. The icy pavements and enduring slush means that Hunter wellies (which have proper treaded soles) are the most practical winter footwear, but even with tights & cashmere socks my feet freeze. There are also times when wellies just feel a bit unsophisticated. They also look stupid with anything other than the skinniest of pants. And I am not even going to address the sartorial horror of the Ugg (ly) boot.

Then this Christmas my mother ordered herself these boots from the Celtic Sheepskin Company. They have waterproof nubuck outers and are lined with soft sheepskin. I’ve, erm, borrowed them to walk the dogs and have even worn them without socks. Did they keep my feet warm? Hell yeah.

They are utterly, brilliantly bloody marvellous.

Celtic Sheepskin boots

£135 from The Celtic Sheepskin Company. They also sell wonderful sheepskin lined wellies, which my sister has & swears by, which are sold out at the moment.

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I like their stuff- I wanted a bag you posted about forever ago but it was sold out. Need some of those boots today!


Oh, why, oh why didn't you tell me about these before my skiing holiday to Sweden? Excellent boots, will have to get for next year. There goes my promise not to spend too much on clothing in 2010.


PS. Thanks for your comment on my blog – there's another post up with pictures about the holiday, I promise it'll be the last one.xx


These look so warm and sturdy perfect for pounding the streets of Manhatten 🙂


Yes their are probaly perfect for winter! I still have my UGG Boots! Ugly but the warmer shoes I ever have bought!


I resisted the call of the Ugg(ly) boot for years and years. And then I moved to Islington. Now I just fit in. If only I'd chain smoke and stop washing my hair, me was almost one of'em. Innit!

xx MM

PS: Waiting for new mini Mozart classes to start in N1. Can't wait.


I'm just starting to learn about the minus 15 windchill. Had something like that yesterday; now it's minus 3 today and it feels like it's really MILD. Those boots look great. I have some very toasty sheepskin lined ones from LL Bean which are great for the snow (and prettier than Uggs). But I have yet to find gloves which actually keep my hands warm in this kind of weather(other than ski gloves) – even cashmere lining does not do it. So if you know of any, do post about it!


Do they do bodysuits too? I'm bloody freezing!


I live in Minnesota!

Mea culpa– The first year, I wore ugly boots (not Uggs, but close)… I repent! But they kept my feet toasty! What was I to do? I'm just a skinny little Irish girl who caught viral pneumonia within two months of moving here! I was sick as hell– what did I care about style?

But now I know better. Here is my secret to toasty feet in stylish footwear even in the dead and icy heart of winter:

1. Wolford Merino tights
2. Wool socks (over the tights)
3. SHEEPSKIN LINERS– A goddamn god-send. You can put them in any boot and you'll have Ugg-warmth but still manage to look like a sleek, arctic fox.

These secrets are free. You're welcome!


Oh wait, I meant sheepskin INSOLES, not liners.

Another secret is La Canadienne. Yes, the styles are a little granny-ish, but many come lined with an exceeding warm insulatory yet moisture-wicking material. Plus, Zappos sell them, which makes them even more attractive (I love their customer service).


They are fab and I got my slippers from there. I can't claim finding them as Mr MDS is the warm toed hunter. So I'm a convert to their practical things!

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