I found this iconic issue of The Face from July 1990 in the attic, along with the Depp & Kylie covers I posted last week. The cover has been reproduced constantly, but I don’t recall seeing the others recently, so thought I’d scan them to show you all here.

Kate Moss was fifteen when she shot the story, styled by Melanie Ward, which launched her career. The photographs were taken on Camber Sands in England, a traditional seaside resort, and were astonishing for their raw, verité feel; an antidote to the glossy Vogue supermodels. The images were seen by Fabien Baron, and Moss’s relationship with Calvin Klein began. It’s difficult to over emphasise how influential this story was at the time.

EDITED to add: Looking at the images with a fresh eye, and having read Moss’s recent thoughts on how out of her depth she was at the time, it’s hard not to look at the photographs and feel uncomfortable. For that reason I have removed the topless image from the series.

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Vow, these pics take me back! Gorgeous in hindsight…although at the time I did wonder what the fuss was about…she’s definitely grown into her looks!


There was another genius behind these images, the black and white printer, a guy called Roberto Marcotullio based in London, this guy was the legend behind most of the Top professional photographers of the time. He saw something special in Corrines’ work and agreed to print for her, although the work of the B/W printer is forgotten and misunderstood these day, his help in choosing and shaping these images was an integral part of their success. I still love this story. http://www.photography-factory.co.uk
This guy was the kingmaker.


i have a collection of the face mags some rare im looking to sell them whats the best sites to do this .thank lee…


She might be smiling in the topless shot but she looks far from comfortable. All I see is exploitatation of a 16 year old girl. How can you all praise Day for these photos?

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