Aunty LLG pleeeease can we go for a W. A. L. K?


I need to roll in fox sh*t, sniff stuff and bespatter my snow white coat with mud.

Jack Russell

Oh look. There’s glamorous @wardrobeslave in her new belted Burberry winter coat. With winter 2009’s latest accessory: a dog lead slung insouciantly around the neck.

Wardrobe Slave

That’s quite a large stick Zelda. Are you sure you can manage it?


Zelda: if you shake yourself all over me you are dogtoast.

Zelda shaking

Hey woofs: do you think you could all come here so that I can get you (visibly) in the same frame?

whippet & al three

Could you at least face in the same direction?


Okay. I get the message.

You could not care less about my need to document every waking moment of my life.

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Love it!


They're just like my dogs, as soon as I start taking pics they turn away.

What a lovely walk on a cold winter's day. Excellent.

Helena xx


Wish that I were there with you. This may seem commonplace to English folk, but for us pining in the canyon for those gray December days, it looks utterly blissful.


ps @WardrobeSlave's coat is fab.


Dear LLG, you do produce lovely pictures. Many thanks.


It's like herding cats..except with dogs!


I can almost smell the cold, damp earth just looking at these scenes. I miss my country.

Gorgeous coat, gorgeous hounds.


My naughty Maisy caught a rabbit on our walk yesterday. She was so shocked she actually caught something she dropped it the poor frightened thing hopped off to safety. xx
PS. A slight sprinkling of snow here this morning brrrrr


Looks like a great walk. Maybe the dogs want to be kept anonymous? x

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