The new Dean Street Townhouse hotel in London’s Soho is home to lil’sis & I this evening. Owned by the Soho House group, it opened just three days ago and I was asked if I’d like to spend a night here by the publicist.

Given that I am a blogger, and that I make it very clear that I will, as I do in print, be completely objective about my experience, regardless of the fact I am being comped, one presumes that the hotel must be pretty confident about the quality of its rooms.

And, in this case, they have every right to be. It’s possibly the best equipped hotel room I’ve ever explored. From the piles of the latest glossies to the hair grips for blow drying your hair I can’t think of anything that might improve this room. Well, nothing that I’m willing to put in print…

In fact I’m so blown away by my room that I made a short review film to show you all. That way you’ll know that I haven’t gone all hyperbolic just because I’m not paying for it!

LLG was a guest of The Dean Street Townhouse

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It looks amazing – very understated and chic. I've never seen a hotel with so many products. I'd find it hard to leave the room!


Loved the video, really great idea and informative. Honestly did have the same thought as you in regards to the bath in the middle of the room. Even when with someone I'm "familiar" with – I love to escape into the bathroom – shut the door and lie in the bath with books, wine and magazines – uninterrupted. I think its a very chic idea right now but feel the hotel may find restrictive later on. x


That was excellent – great vid – you have a lovely voice! (and the room looked grand too) x


You have such Lovely voice! The hotel is amazing, although i live in central London so not of much use to me. I would recommend it.


Fab post, the video was very enjoyable and the hotel looks perfect!


Looks amazing – it really is the little details that are so impressive, like the bedside radio and extra straighteners. Also, the little box of products! I've stayed in plenty of fancy hotels (my boyfriend's a travel journalist) but, aside from toothpaste, the only place I've found tampons and tweezers (often hard to buy in the areas that have expensive hotels) in my room was the Grand Hyatt in Tokyo!

Fancy, cosy and right in the middle of town? Sure to be a success!


Oooh, very posh. That's you and the hotel room!


LLG! It's so funny to hear your voice, and quite a surprise too. The tone of your articles is very irreverent and happy/girly, but you sound sooooo sophisticated. You could be on the radio in a jiffy! (or are you already? 😉

My first thought on seeing the bath in the room was: eew, the bedlinen will get all damp from the steam!
Did that happen?

Anyway, love love love your blog, and will keep following it.

Have a lovely weekend, Eliza.


Can't believe that's on Dean Street! Lovely! 🙂


Loved the video and loved your voice! With the lovely images and narration, it was almost like being there in person.

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