On Sunday afternoon I drove up from London to my father’s house in Northamptonshire so that I could then drive him to Heathrow to catch a flight to Nepal. (He’s off for two weeks on a whistle stop tour around Nepal, Kolkata and Mumbai to visit schools funded by Mondo Challenge, a charity of which he is about to become chairman).

As we pulled up at Terminal Four my sister rang from Oxford where she was staying with her best friend, sounding tired & definitely not looking forward to the bus journey back to London. I had a rare brainwave and on the way home diverted via Beck’s to abduct lil’sis & Posetta Baddog to take them back to my mother’s for a few days R&R. Lil’sis isn’t too well at the moment & PB is starting to look like a barrel from the lack of walks.

We are a family that likes to eat and last night we cooked supper together. A leg of lamb from the butcher’s van, lentils and a potato gratin. It couldn’t have been simpler.

The gratin is a great dish for impressing people, yet costs around 60p/$1 for enough to feed at least four people. A small 1lb bag of Charlotte potatoes, still in their skins,& half a red onion were sliced on a mandolin in a matter of minutes and then strewn in a buttered ovenproof dish. I poured over enough stock to cover the vegetables and popped them in the oven for 40 minutes.

They came out soft & unctuous, with a sauce thickened by the starch from the potatoes. It’s important to use a waxy, salad potato in this dish as, in such thin slices, a floury potato would dissolve into the stock.

potato gratin (3)

If you are making stock from concentrate, use a little less than normal for, as the stock reduces in the oven, it will become a lot saltier. For that reason, do not add any extra salt to the potatoes.

potato gratin

The lentils were even easier. To one small red onion sweated in a little olive oil, I added two cups of small green lentils and two bay leaves, which were then covered in vegetable stock and cooked for about 30 minutes.

So healthy and delicious.

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I've made a similar dish but with melted butter brushed between layers of the potatos, and then baked. I think it's called "Potatos Maxim" after the restaurant. There's also an Italian version with milk and parmesan cheese baked in the layers.
I look forward to trying it with stock though! (Can you tell I like potatos?)


Oh, these food posts are killing me! 🙂


Oh no, sorry to hear Lovely Sis isn't well. Hope you're having tons of fun at home!


Yummy – you have filled me with inspiration for cooking – thanks..


I love potato gratin but have never tried that recipe. I may have to give it a go! It looks delicious x


If you’re ever wondering who was searching for “potato” on your site, it was me! I remember reading about gratin here and came back to search for it. Verdict: Best gratin ever. The leftovers were even more delicious the next day.

Thanks LLG!



Wow! Thank you so much for coming by to tell me! It’s always thrilling when I hear things have worked out! LLGxx


Is the recipe for the potato/lentil dish in your new Book? Looks scrumptious! X

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