I arrived back in England on Friday and have driven over 500 miles in 48hrs.

I am jet lagged, exhausted and happy.

I’ve unpacked, gossiped, seen two of my godchildren and three of my best friends, drunk a lot of tea, been given a hysterical weeing welcome by Posetta Baddog, watched New Moon at the cinema in Islington at 10am with Miss P, shown 4yr old Little C how to drive a shift stick sports car, met 40 odd hitherto unknown rather brilliant twitterers & bloggers, navigated map-less from Muswell Hill to Wandsworth & back again without getting lost (& decided to never visit SW-whatever ever again), discussed glittery angels with Amelia, Doctor Who & the Ood with Miss P’s stepchildren & Ben Ten with Little C, driven my father to Heathrow from Towcester to catch a flight to Kathmandu, had a post midnight bag of chips (fries), abducted my sister & the Baddog from her best friend’s in Oxford, cooked Mama supper (twice), watched The X Factor in the right time zone and now I am going to sleep.

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I don't think there is a better feeling than getting off a plane and having a million things waiting for you to do. Especially if they are with your dearest friends and family. London is your soul and going back there must make you feel cozy. I know when I would walk 10 miles through the Heathrow terminal back into London and see that Boots waiting for me so I could buy a proper candy bar and could use the word fag again without offending anybody because all I wanted was a smoke, I was glad to be home! I am so envious of you. Of that steaming bag of chips (oh I hope you got brown sauce, vinegar and salt–the works!). I hope you live it up and post about the UK. It'll be nice to live vicariously through you. I miss that damned place every single day. Enjoy LLG. What I would give to be called "Love" by a cabbie or to go to Embankment to that lovely flower stall and pick up a treat before hopping on the Northern line…..heaven. xoxoxoxox–One of 365


Gosh you are busy! But it sounds like you are having a fab time, what did you think of new moon? I rather liked it actually, much to my surprise…


Is that all? You are sooooo lazy! 😉

I'm very jealous of your blogger/twitter soirée indeed.



Oh the 140 conference? I wish I had gone to that, but wasn't sure how to and then suddenly had quite a few interviews.

Glad you had such a productive weekend – hope you also fit in your favorite English treats (haven't tried sticky toffee pudding but hear that's divine).


That is London for you, welcome home 🙂 In case you are at a loss this coming weekend (HAH!), you might be interested in a vintage clothing fair this Sunday in Archway. A bit cheeky to mention as I am holding a stall there myself (my first ever, eep!), but I thought since it is local you might be interested.



you're not keeping busy are you? I just read your "Everyone eats baked beans in England" post from january'09? Fabulous. Burn an English flag for me. And an American one too. Together!


Oh my gosh, you are FLAT CHAT! I'm exhausted just reading about it all 🙂



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